FreebieMNL - MCU fans come to Sebastian Stan’s aid after recent ‘racist’ Twitter rap

MCU fans come to Sebastian Stan’s aid after recent ‘racist’ Twitter rap

FreebieMNL - MCU fans come to Sebastian Stan’s aid after recent ‘racist’ Twitter rap
(Image: Getty/Paras Griffin)

In recent years, a handful of MCU heroes has had to face a hot mob of angry social media users over their online manners that didn’t meet the standards of the so-called cancel culture. Letitia Wright was wrestled for a single offhand tweet that suggested she was against vaccinating for COVID-19, then Elizabeth Olsen took down her Instagram after an online horde heckled her for not posting about Chadwick Boseman’s passing, and vowed never to return.

Even Mark Ruffalo had to say sorry when he ruffled some feathers online after backpedaling with his comments about the dire situation in Israel — and he’s the Hulk.

Now, the bullseye is on the back of Falcon and The Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan. The MCU’s Bucky Barnes recently trended on Twitter with the dull #RIPSebastianStan hashtag for apparently liking a tweet that showed a guy saying that Caucasian people should be allowed to say the “n” word a couple of weeks ago, an act that’s been construed as condoning racist behavior.

As critics came, so did Stan’s loyal supporters, who took online their observation that all the online scorn has made the actor look more fatigued. During a digital chat hosted by Variety for a panel that also included Marvel co-stars Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, and Tom Hiddleston, Stan looked noticeably weary and withered, his face palpably looking lankier.

Responding to queries about his current life and his recent online fiasco, Stan said: “I’m just trying to kind of like still have some sort of life I guess, without someone commenting on it.”

His comment, paired with his concerning look, caused fans to pour some love and positivity toward Stan. 

Whether you agree with these celebrities’ stances or not, cancel culture is definitely here to stay and to keep an eye out for erring actors — even if they’re one of the World’s Mightiest Heroes.

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