Mimiyuuuh is Back from Her YouTube Hiatus

Mimiyuuuh just posted a new vlog titled, “Bakit po ako hindi active sa YouTube” after being MIA for a month. The 23-minute video explains the real reason why she has been inactive on the social media platform lately. It turns out their family was experiencing a traumatic incident.

COVID is Real

Mimiyuuuh admits that she was one of the people who thought of COVID as a hoax. But it wasn’t until her parents were struck with the virus that she took the pandemic more seriously. Both her mom and dad tested positive for COVID, with the former exhibiting severe symptoms while the latter only showed mild symptoms.

A Test of Faith

This was the first time their family experienced something this fatal, so naturally, they didn’t know how to go about the situation. She shares how this event strengthened her faith in the Lord and how she held on to him during these difficult times in their family’s life. “Dito po kami na-test as a family. At the same time, ‘yong faith ko po.”

Update on Her Parents’ Condition

Since Tatay Amadz only had mild symptoms, he was isolated in the master’s bedroom. Nanay Bheng on the other hand had to be confined at Perpetual Health Las Piñas so that she could be monitored. They are now both COVID-free and the family is slowly getting back on their feet. Mimiyuuuh also made sure to have the whole house disinfected.

Her Takeaway from This Experience

Although she isn’t the type to share her problems with other people, she recommends seeking help when you need to. Even the strongest people have their weaknesses. Her advice is to allow yourself to be vulnerable sometimes because you’re just human after all. People get tired and hurt and having a friend to share your problems with is a big reliever.


April might have been a rough time for Mimiyuuuh and her family but she’s definitely back! She salutes to the medical worker and hopes and prays that the country goes back to normalcy soon.  

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