Miss Colombia 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez to Pia Wurtzbach: ‘I have nothing but respect for you’

Miss Colombia 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez has finally put a stop at issues circulating since Steve Harvey’s gaffe during the Miss Universe 2015 coronation night.

In her first Philippine interview with Jeff Fernando on the online show Famous Ka, the Colombian beauty expressed her admiration to the Filipinos for being passionate when it comes to beauty pageants and that she has nothing against her former competition Pia Wurtzbach.

“I’ve been getting sweet messages of pure love from the Philippines and I have Filipino friends who lived here in the United States and they are so sweet to me and very respectful.”

She then admitted that she has not been in touch with the Miss Universe 2015 but stressed that she is happy for Wurtzbach’s achievements.

“Unfortunately, after what happened in Miss Universe in 2015, I never got the chance to see her again. I think we both started a new life. We were both very busy,” she shared.

“She was enjoying her year as Miss Universe, she had a lot of things to do. Me as well. I think we got apart because of our jobs and I never got the opportunity to see her again. I was never in touch anymore with the Miss Universe Organization so we never got the chance to see each other,” she added.

Gutierrez admitted that she had a tough time after the Miss Universe 2015 blunder but with the help of her family, she got better and is now focused on the opportunities that came along her way.

On Gutierrez calling Wurtzbach a ‘ghost’

Recently, another issue involving her and Wurtzbach circulated online after the Latina model was quoted saying she did not see the Filipina beauty queen and apparently called her a ‘ghost’.

“People misunderstand all of the interviews because they are in Spanish and you know it’s not the same as listening an interview in Spanish than the way we talk in Colombia. We have this slang we have different sayings,” she explained.

“What I said was during the pageant I never shared anything with Pia, I never saw her, I never communicated anything with her… I saw her maybe a couple of times. People misunderstand things and I’m glad that you’re asking me because I don’t take it personally when people come up to me and bash me and say horrible things to me.” she said.

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If given an opportunity, Gutierrez said that she would love to meet Wurtzbach soon and she has nothing but respect for her.

“I really would love to meet her in person. If Pia is watching this, I really would love to meet you very, very soon and like talk about everything that happened from your point of view, from your experience,” she said.

“I have nothing but respect for you. I am very happy for all your success and I wish that maybe in the future, we could go together to the Philippines,” she added.

Gutierrez stressed that she does not hate the people involved in the unfortunate event that transpired five years ago.

“Whatever I say, and I say it every time I have an interview, people think I hate her or people think I hate Steve Harvey or whatever. I don’t hate Pia and I don’t hate Steve because Pia and I, we were both victims of what happened,” she said.

Banner images from Pia Wurtzbach and Ariadna Gutierrez’s respective Instagram accounts.


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