“Nothing Less Than Phenomenal”: Rabiya Mateo Shares No-Makeup Video

Rabiya Mateo is a phenomenal woman and she knows it! Our Miss Universe 2020 representative confidently shared a makeup-free video and showed the world that she’s beautiful with or without makeup. “This is the real me. No [makeup.] No heavy hair extensions. Nothing fancy to wear. Just me. Even in my simplest form, I know in my heart I am nothing less than phenomenal,” Rabiya said.

The 24-year-old beauty queen has been serving us lots of glamorous photos on Instagram, but she also took the time to show us a version of herself we don’t often see–without a fancy outfit, a fabulous hairstyle, and heavy makeup.

“I live in a cruel industry. I’m always compared to different girls. People [always have] something to say like, ‘You’re not beautiful enough. You’re so thin. I don’t like what you wear,'” she said.

Photos: Instagram/rabiyamateo

Rabiya also added that it’s our relationships and connections that really matter. “But then life is never superficial. It’s not always what’s attractive to our eyes but it’s the love we choose to build, the connection we make to people and how we want to celebrate ourselves!”

Watch Rabiya’s video below:

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