Olivia Rodrigo Talks About Being Called Catriona Gray’s “Look-alike”

We knew it wasn’t just us who noticed Olivia Rodrigo and Catriona Gray‘s resemblance! It turns out Olivia’s already been told about it many times before–and as a fan of Catriona, she’s still in awe whenever she hears about it.

“People always say that I sort of look like her which is insane ’cause she’s literally like the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. So anytime people say that, I’m like, ‘Really? That’s crazy!'”

Olivia Rodrigo Talks About Being Called Catriona Gray's "Look-alike"

Photos: Instagram/allanface, Instagram/jellyeugenio

In a virtual conference, Olivia said that she looks up to fellow half-Filipina Catriona. “She has such a beautiful voice and sometimes I listen to her songs. And I think she’s just obviously stunning and such an incredible person. I love watching her,” she said.

One of the interviewers brought up the possibility of the two of them working together (in a movie or music video, maybe?) and Olivia said that she’s up for it!

“Definitely! She could play like my older sister. Or like–I don’t know how old she is–but like, a couple of years older,” she said.

Aside from playing sisters, Olivia said that they could also take the role of the same character. “We could be the same person a couple of years apart. Maybe, I don’t know. Yeah, she’s beautiful!”

Catriona saw the video clip and shared it on Instagram stories with the caption “Whuuuut. Hi @oliviarodrigo.” She also replied to a tweet about the same interview with three starstruck emojis.

catriona ig

Photo: Instagram/catriona_gray

What do you think of a possible Olivia x Catriona collaboration? We’d love to see (and hear) these two beautiful girls together!

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