Sharon Cuneta shows off her weight loss

Megastar Sharon Cuneta has lost weight and she isn’t afraid to show it!

The 55-year-old recently reshared a post from celebrity doctor Aivee Teo, who shared that Cuneta went from a size XXL to medium.

“Look who’s here! Aivee Day with my now-so-sexy & skinny friend. Look at her! From XXL to MEDIUM,” Teo captioned a photo of herself and a noticeably slimmed down Cuneta. According to Teo, the “transformation” was five years in the making.

“It makes our hearts jump with joy to see how thin, healthy, young and energetic she is now after losing all those weight and inches,” she said. “This story is a story of determination, patience and trust between doctor and patient, friend to friend.”

Many fans expressed their support and happiness for the actress in the comments.

“No matter what size Ms. Sharon is, she’s always shining. Beautiful soul inside and out!” one user wrote.

Another said, “Such an inspiration. You have inspired us in so many ways. Keep on shining.”

Back in March, Cuneta also took to Instagram to proclaim her happiness at her weight loss journey.

“I started dieting on and off (more off than on hahaha!) in January of 2016,” she said. “It’s taken me a looong while to get here – and I have just a few more to go before I get to my ideal weight. But I really have NOT been THIS HAPPY in many years!”

She went on to say that the secret to her weight loss was inspiration. “You can always see the real state of my heart in my EYES. Losing weight is hard. Being INSPIRED to do it or anything else is harder to come by. Right now, I am. Very much so! Finally. And I looove working again!” Cuneta added.

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