Singer To Swimmer: Cody Simpson Is Now Vying For A Spot To Compete In The Olympics

Singer To Swimmer: Cody Simpson Is Now Vying For A Spot To Compete In The Olympics

Cody Simpson, who’s performed on countless stages for the past couple of years, has decided to return to one of the things he loved growing up: swimming.

The 24-year-old singer is an Olympic hopeful, and has been preparing for the Australian Olympic swimming trials which will begin on June 12, 2021.

“It’s like a real break from everything I left behind–to just come from a world of noise and to just you and [the] silence,” he said in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia. “It’s silent and challenging. Those are the things that I love most. I just love the water, I love feeling the pain of training… It makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere. I really like it.”

Singer To Swimmer: Cody Simpson Is Now Vying For A Spot To Compete In The Olympics
Photos: Instagram/codysimpson

Sing or swim

Before Cody built a name for himself in the music industry, he actually already started training for swimming. His love for the sport also runs in his blood–both his parents represented Australia in swimming before.

“I started training [at] around 9 [or] 10 years old. [A year later], I was at my first school [and] national championships, winning every event that I was in. It was the first thing I really felt like I could be successful at and I’ve loved it ever since,” he said.

Even though he’s happy with his singing career, he said that his love for swimming always remained. “It was just a burning desire that never went away. And I knew it was never gonna go away unless I like, let it breathe and allow for some time and space for me to actually do it and train for real.”

Back to training

Cody is now vying for a spot in the Australian team that will compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in July. Back in December 2020, Cody shared the news that he qualified for his first Olympic trials for swimming.

“[I grew up] competing, and then inevitably [had] to cut my career short as a 13-year-old Australian champion when I received an opportunity in music that I couldn’t refuse.”

“Now almost exactly 10 years later, here I am poolside once more. For years I had been fueled by the silent fire in my stomach of returning to the sport of swimming, with the idea that 2020 would be the year I’d try training again,” he said.

When asked if he thinks he could actually make it to be part of the team this year, he said, “It’s a long shot… [But] I’m closer than I thought I was. And I keep progressing at a rate that surprises me, even. I wasn’t under any delusion about how long it’s gonna take for me to get to the top and I’m willing to give it the next three years to do that.”

Whatever happens to his swimming career, Cody said that he’s happy he had the chance to do all the things he loves, which includes both singing and swimming.

“If anything, I get to the end of this whole journey of swimming and don’t make [it to] the Olympics, being able to stop and go back to music and go back to all these other things–without the ‘what ifs’ of like, ‘I could’ve done that,’–is the win for me.”

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