Tony Hawk Has Been Driving Around Asking People to do Kickflips and It’s Awesome

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has apparently been driving around the suburbs asking people to do kickflips in exchange for skateboarding gear.

In the video reposted on Twitter, we see Birdman yelling “Do a kickflip!” at multiple skaters from his car. If they were able to land the trick, he’d give them free merchandise and drive along to the next few lucky skaters.

The video, while actually filmed and posted in 2019, is making the rounds on the Internet again for its random but wholesome content.

Of the many skaters that Hawk approaches, only of them recognizes who he is.

This has become a sort of running joke for anyone who has followed the 52-year old skateboarder’s Twitter account. He has often recalled many times where he was completely or slightly unrecognized in public, or mistaken for a whole different celebrity altogether.

From Tony Stark to “famous guy” and “skateboarder”, Tony Hawk’s been mistaken for anything and everything.

While oddly unrecognizable to the general public, Hawk has been famous since the 90s for popularizing skateboarding as a sport and being the first skater to ever land a “900”, or a trick that calls for the rider to rotate 900 degrees (two and a half spins) in mid-air.

tony hawk 900
Photo from The Mary Sue

Widely venerated as one of the best, if not the best, skateboarders of all time, Tony Hawk has also made a name for himself through his skateboard company Birdhouse, self-titled skateboarding video games, and his charity, the Tony Hawk Foundation, which helps provide skateparks in low-income areas.

Tony Hawk with beneficiaries of the Tony Hawk Foundation
Photo from Medium

The video, up at 238k likes on @SportsCenter’s Twitter page, has reminded many why Tony Hawk remains the “GOAT”.

Aside from his awesome skate skills and friendly personality, Hawk has always encouraged kids to keep doing what they love and to continue practicing the sport. He has given back to the community tenfold and will continue to do so as long as he lives.

Keep skating, Tony!

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