Unique Pieces from Bretman’s Hawaiian Villa

Bretman Rock gave Architectural Digest a tour of his Hawaiian Villa and it has some of the most unique and striking pieces. Together with the design team at MCYIA, they were able to translate his vision. He describes it as “random, very colorful, and very gay” and it was important to him to have a lot of local Hawaiian and Filipino-made furniture and artwork.

Live Terrarium

You can’t miss “Da Baddest” neon light hung above the live terrarium. It’s one of the first things you’ll see upon entering his home. He loves this feature in the formal living room because it brings nature indoors.

Unique Pieces from Bretman's Hawaiian Villa
via Architectural Digest

Bloom Chair

Inspired by a flower, the Bloom chair was designed by Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Admittedly, the chair reminds the Youtuber of something else but that doesn’t negate its comfort. “I just feel like it’s so sexual and so Bretman Rock.”

via Kenneth Cobonpue

Him & Her Chair

The glossy black chair sculpted like a male body in the formal dining room was designed by Fabio Novembre. All his viewers are familiar with how extra he could be and the high-end piece from Casamania fits his personality (and his butt) well.

via Casamania

Decorative Chandelier

Going off the tropical-themed room, the chandelier above his formal dining table is a decorative chandelier that reminds him of his roots. “It kind of reminds me of the Philippines and just the things that I grew up around.”

via Architectural Digest

Gallery Wall

In the hallway upstairs is a gallery wall filled with local artwork that his designers helped source. The turtle painting one he is fond of because he is an advocate of #savetheturtles. He likes to walk around and pretend he has his own museum at home.

via Architectural Digest

Dragnet Chair

Another Kenneth Cobonpue furniture is the Dragnet chair found on the balcony. Bretman says he feels like a fetus when he sits on it and that’s because the lounge chair was designed to surround you like a cocoon.

via Kenneth Cobonpue

The house needed to scream ‘gay Asian immigrant success’ and it does, seeing how far the multi-hyphenated 22-year-old has come. Although Bretman also has a place in LA, he can’t see himself thriving anywhere else but Hawaii because of how magical the place feels.


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