WATCH: Lovi Poe gets a special birthday greeting from Harry Potter star Tom Felton

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(Images from Instagram: @t22felton, @lovipoe)

Lovi Poe just received a gift that every Potterhead has been dreaming of getting.

In a tweet last Thursday, Lovi Poe shared a video of a short greeting from Tom Felton himself. The English actor who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise took the time to wish Poe well on her 32nd birthday.

Not only did Felton personally greet Poe on her birthday, but he also congratulated her for her upcoming TV series on GMA, Owe My Love

“Unfortunately Monty and my plans to have a massive festivity where we can all get together and have a little jamboree, a little boogie, and dance can’t happen this year, or can’t happen right now because of everything that’s going on,” Felton said in the video. He is referring to Los Angeles-based producer Monty Blencowe, who is also Poe’s boyfriend.

Poe is obviously spellbound by the personal greeting. “My Harry Potter heart and my Slytherin soul can’t help but be kilig when Draco Malfoy mentions #OweMyLove. Thank you for this sweet surprise @montyblencowe,” the actress-slash-Potterhead wrote.

As if that wasn’t flattering enough. Blencowe also posted another birthday greeting for Poe on his own Twitter account, this one coming from the legendary WWE wrestler, Ric Flair

“I’m stylin’ and profilin’ and I love smoking hot women, and I heard that’s exactly what you are. Happy birthday Lovi!” the legendary Nature Boy said in his greeting.

Both greetings were made through Cameo, a video-sharing website co-owned by Monty’s brother, Martin Blencowe, where celebrities can send personalized video greetings. Last April, Poe also received a shout-out via Cameo, courtesy of Money Heist star Enrique Arce.

Let’s face it: Lovi is living every pop culture fan’s dream right now. Happy birthday, Lovi!

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