FreebieMNL - WATCH: Wil Dasovich’s travel vlog that bagged $30,000 at this year’s Vlogfest Malta

WATCH: Wil Dasovich’s travel vlog that bagged $30,000 at this year’s Vlogfest Malta

FreebieMNL - WATCH: Wil Dasovich’s travel vlog that bagged $30,000 at this year’s Vlogfest Malta
(Image from Instagram: @wil_dasovich)

It’s also the first-ever contest that the famous vlogger won that included a cash prize.

For his latest vlogging gig, travel vlogger Wil Dasovich not only got an all-expense-paid trip through the must-see city of Malta, but he also won The Travel Vlog Fest, bagging $30,000 (about P1.5 million) in the process!

Dasovich shared the great news on Friday over at this Facebook page, which has over 2.5 million followers.

“This entire Eurotrip has been one of the most incredible travels of my life and to be honest, before heading on this trip I’d barely even heard of Malta!” Dasovich wrote. “But after weeks on this island I can definitely say it’s one of the most unique countries I’ve been to and Valletta is on my top 5 must see cities in the world!”

Famous for his globetrotting video blogs that feature the best of the places he visits, the Filipino-American content creator shot a four-minute travel video that combined all the best parts of his Malta journey with his family and fellow vloggers. Merging stunning slow-motion clips, snappy transitions, and time-lapse effects, the finished product was the best kind of tourism campaign that the Mediterranean nation could possibly hope to produce.

But Dasovich didn’t exactly package his winning video as a promotional ad. Instead, he presented his views on why breaking the monotony of our mundane lives is essential to expand our lives. “Routine is the backbone of a productive life. But, it must constantly be broken and restructured in order to remember its importance,” he reminded his audience in his lauded vlog.

International Vlog Fest Malta, which ran from July 9 to 14, brought together key influencers in the vlogging industry from around the world to experience and showcase the best tourist destinations that the nation has to offer. Aside from its remarkable rendition, Dasovich’s entry won the contest after a round of online votes helped push it to the top spot.

In his thank-you post, Dasovich also praised how the hosts pulled off the competition.

“This is how every tourism campaign should be handled! Give vloggers a car, food, place to sleep, and trust them to choose what they want to do/learn about the country & let them loose! No call times, no rules, just make a cool video and have fun with it because that experience & camaraderie will translate through the video!” Dasovich wrote.

Watch Wil Dasovich’s winning vlog below:


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