What Makes Emma Chamberlain So Relatable?

She might have her own coffee brand, a following on social media, and is living The LA Dream. But behind the camera, Emma Chamberlain is still a relatable 20-year-old that millions of subscribers adore. What is it about her that keeps her viewers entertained?

Your Internet Bestie

Despite having over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, 13 million followers on Instagram, and 312 million likes on TikTok, Emma refuses to be labeled an influencer. In fact, she tells Cosmopolitan that she thinks the term is “disgusting.” She would much rather her fans refer to her as a friend and entertainer, as she gives forehead kisses in her vlog outros.


When Boring is Relatable

The internet personality’s channel description reads, “here’s me doing boring stuff and filming it lol.” Emma’s self-deprecating humor and unapologetic personality are what people subscribed to since overproduced content is not relatable for the everyday person. The unfiltered and vulnerable side of the creator makes viewers feel like they are just friends updating each other via FaceTime.


A Day in Her Life

Unashamed of burping on camera and talking about her stomach problems, she shows viewers even the most trivial things in her life. This typically consists of drumming, cooking, making coffee, and reading in bed. Some days she will be more spontaneous and do a haul of the random assortment in the center console of her car. It is this type of routine and honesty that people appreciate about her.


The Pressure to be Perfect

Her fans do not expect perfectionism from her, but she admits there are times when she feels she needs to be.  “There are so many people watching me and I have this really severe issue where I’m constantly obsessed with perfection and being on the internet has made that a lot more prominent,” she tells Vogue in an interview about mental health.  


Emma Chamberlain has come a long way since she started her YouTube channel in 2017. This coffee-obsessed, entertainer/entrepreneur/content creator has broken out of the stereotypical influencer role. Her authenticity on or off-camera was her recipe for success.


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