What’s Up With the BTS Dating Rumors?

Recently, three of the seven members of BTS faced dating rumors. When the Bangtan boys created their Instagram accounts, people were on the lookout for their activities on the social media platform. One notable activity was when V accidentally followed BLACKPINK’s Jennie. He quickly unfollowed her soon after but not before his fans took notice. 

The innocent activity sparked dating rumors between Jennie and V. However, some fans believe it was simply an accident because V asked on WeVerse if there was a way to remove the recommended friend list. 

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The next dating rumor that reached the news involves Jungkook. A YouTube channel that regularly posts content about K-pop stars claimed that he was secretly dating South Korean actress Lee Yoo Bi. The video claimed that the two were dating since 2018 and tried to prove it with photos and social media posts. 

The Jungkook x Lee Yoo Bi dating rumor was shortly lived. The two’s agencies quickly denied it. Apparently, they never even met. 

The most recent dating rumor to resurface involves RM and a female non-celebrity. Just like the Jungkook dating claim, the rumor stemmed from the same YouTube channel. Like before, the video backs up its claim by using photos from social media and cross referencing them with their alleged girlfriends. One of the claims include a photo of RM holding a poodle that was supposedly owned by his girlfriend. 

BTS’s agency also denied this rumor, and RM himself responded on WeVerse to say that he didn’t know the female in question and that the poodle he was holding was his friend’s. 

Most of BTS’s dating rumors are based on speculation. In response to the YouTube channel’s claims, Big Hit Music released a statement to warn those who spread false rumors of the boys online. 

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