Why Is Tom Holland & Zendaya’s Height Difference A Big Deal?

Tom Holland and Zendaya have kept their relationship low-key since they confirmed their status but recently set the story straight about their height difference. For the record, the Spider-man: No Way Home actor stands at 5’8”, while his co-star is 5’10” tall. With only a two-inch disparity, it is ridiculous that it’s even a matter of concern.

Why are Tom Holland and Zendaya's Height Difference a Big Deal?
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“Not that much taller”

During a Sirius XM segment to promote their latest movie, the couple addressed the notion that Zendaya’s height affects their romantic relationship. “Not that much taller,” Tom remarked. “Let’s put this out there. Maybe, like an inch or two at best. It’s not like, people say like, ‘How did you guys kiss? It must have been difficult.’”

Breaking the Stereotype

While Tom brushed off the idea as “ridiculous” and a “stupid assumption,” he also mentions how nobody brought in for a screen test for the role of MJ was shorter than him. “Maybe that’s a decision [director] Jon Watts made, and something he was aware of, and he wanted to break the stereotype. I think that’s great,” he said. Whatever the case may be, we stan a “short” king.

Height Differences are Normal

Zendaya, on the other hand, gets candid about how normal height differences are. “My mum is taller than my dad. My mom’s taller than anyone,” the actress quipped. She even thinks that MJ and Peter Parker’s kiss was a “nice, sweet moment between them,” and is pleased the film’s editors didn’t have them “cheat” to cover up the disparity.

Host Jessica Shaw came to their defense and pointed out how “misogynistic” and “problematic” the idea was, and later revealed she is also taller than her partner. Co-star Jacob Batalon was initially afraid of the direction of this conversation, relieved with how it turned out. Let’s all put an end to this presumptuous stereotype now, please.

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