You Can Now Buy This Vespa Designed By Justin Bieber

The “Peaches” singer had fun coming up with the design for the motorcycle.

Aside from music, Justin Bieber has released a clothing line and several fragrances. Now he’s venturing into the motorcycle industry. The global music superstar designed a limited edition Sprint scooter for Vespa.

The 75-year-old Italian scooter company released the JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA scooter. It has a brand logo and flames drawn on the body in tone on tone white, which is exactly what Bieber wanted.

“I love Vespa, and to partner with such a classic brand is so cool. The first time I rode a Vespa was somewhere in Europe, either London or Paris. I remember seeing one and being like ‘I want to ride one of those,’” says Bieber.

Bieber’s Vespa comes with the company’s signature 12-inch wheels and rectangular headlights. It’s also available in 50cc, 125cc, or 150cc engines. You can even sync this bike with your smartphone, which will allow you to adjust LED lights and play music. 

As part of his design, Bieber added matching accessories, such as a bag, gloves, and an all-white helmet. The company says those additions will make riding the motorcycle even cooler.

“The goal in creating and designing is always to put your own unique spin on things,” explains Bieber. 

This isn’t the first time Vespa collaborated with an artist on a new design. Streetwear designer Sean Wotherspoon collaborated with Vespa before. In 2020, Dior also reimagined the look of the classic motorbike. 

Bieber’s collaboration with Vespa is only available until the end of 2022. Check out Vespa dealers near you here.

Featured Image Daniella Sison


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