Slater Young Apologizes For Saying It’s “Very Normal” To Fantasize Other Women While In A Committed Relationship

“I know for a fact that I said that. Like nahiya talaga ako,” an apologetic Slater says

“Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited” winner Slater Young has issued an apology for his remark on how “very normal” it is for men in a committed relationship to still fantasize about other women.

The apology was publicized in one of his podcasts titled “Addressing the Issue,” which was uploaded on Monday, May 17, 2023. 

After receiving negative reception from the netizens, the 39-year-old entrepreneur has discussed the issue at length with his wife Kryz Uy.

According to him, the recent mistake has weighed his morale down for quite some time already.

“Not so good in a sense na it’s been a hard few days. It’s been an eye-opening few days. Sometimes, you think that you did something okay and it takes a little while for it to sink in na, ‘Oo nga no, mali pala talaga ako,’” he says. 

Slater Young
IMAGE: @thatguyslater on Instagram

Slater admits that the comments from the netizens have been insightful and have balanced his judgment better. “I finally realized na, ‘Oh my God, I really made a mistake,’ because I’m giving it power na, to say it’s okay, and me saying it’s normal, kind of normalizes it and makes it okay,” he shares. 

For all intents and purposes, Slater has claimed that the gesture was not meant to enable objectification. “In my heart of hearts, hindi talaga ako pro objectifying women,” he shares. 

Slater also reveals that one of the fundamental learnings from the issue is holding himself accountable. Be it under unavoidable happenstance, he still thinks, “We should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Sa akin, ‘Oh, it happens, don’t worry about it.’ Yun ang sinabi ko. Yun talaga ang pinakamalaki kong learning. Big eye-opener for me.”

Slater Young
IMAGE: @thatguyslater on Instagram

In his atonement for the mistake, he says that shame overtakes him. “When I read the articles, I don’t feel angry. I feel ashamed na parang naku-quote ako ng ganyan. This is not me and I wish I could take it back. It’s shameful na Slater said this and I know for a fact that I said that. Nahiya talaga ako.

More so, he acknowledges the need to be more mindful of the platform, imploring the need to understand “how my words can have a lot of repercussions.” 

“I just want to put this out there that I truly do apologize and I need a little bit more time to reflect. Apologies. That’s not my intention. In my heart, hindi talaga yun ang intention ko. I hope na mapagbigyan,” he said.

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Slater Young’s recent controversy 

The social media uproar came after a letter sender asked Slater Young and Kryz Uy for advice over her boyfriend who was fantasizing about another woman in a group chat. 

Slater has directly sided with the boyfriend, who, according to him, “is being absolutely honest.” He justified it by saying, “If I’m going to lie to you, and you ask me if I have boners about other women and if I wanted to lie just to make you comfortable, I’m just gonna say, ‘No, of course not.’”

Yung mga groups na nag-si-send ng mga photos of girls and like fantasizing over it, it’s normal. It’s very, very normal,” he adds. 

What seemed to be honest advice from Slater has ruffled the netizens’ feathers. A number of Facebook accounts disagreed, with some even calling him a “red flag.”

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While there has been an upsurge of disagreement, there were some who still sided with Slater.

Kryz, on the other hand, has also seemingly agreed to Slater’s stance as long as his husband does not menace their relationship.

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