Slater Young’s Latest Real Estate Project Draws Flak For “Environmental Risks”

Netizens expressed frustration over Slater Young’s real estate project

Social media influencer and engineer Slater Young has earned the ire of some netizens anew after revealing his latest real estate project called “The Rise at Monterrazas” in one of Cebu’s most controversial development sites on Thursday, August 24, 2023.

In a vlog posted on his official YouTube channel, Slater proudly claimed that the rendering of his luxury condominium project took 300 versions before it arrived at the final look, which was inspired by the Banaue Rice Terraces in the North.

According to him, the unique aspect of the property is that it would flow with the mountain.

“We pushed everything towards the mountain and just worked with the terrain. So each and every space was pushed towards the back and with that, we were able to create this free-flowing design.” 

“But not only that, this whole structure is spread out across the mountain making it a whole lot safer and less yung environmental impact natin,” said Slater.

Environmental Risks

Still, in line with the property’s location, Slater went on to share the top considerations that they had to keep in mind to ensure the project’s 

“We had three pillars in mind when we were designing this. We wanted to be architecturally forward, something that Cebu or the Philippines has never seen before.

“We wanted it to be not just maganda tignan but very, very usable din and may added benefit to the user. And lastly, because we are building on a mountain side, we want the project to be as sustainable as possible,” he explained.

While there were those who praised the ingenuity and beauty of the project, after the announcement, certain Filipino netizens expressed their concerns and frustrations over the possible environmental impact of the luxury development project.

As of this writing, the video titled “Skypod 3.0! Yes, we are really building this” has garnered 525,000 views and counting.

What’s the matter with Monterrazas?

While Slater claims that his project is environmentally sustainable, a large proportion of the development will be built near the Monterrazas de Cebu, a site whose developers twice received cease and desist orders from the Cebu City government due to the development possibly causing disasters to happen at the foot of the mountain.

Monterrazas is located a few kilometers away from the residential area of Guadalupe, the most populated barangay in Cebu City, where floodings are said to have taken place despite just minimal rain. 

Residents of the said area claim that such an incident began when Monterrazas de Cebu commenced its development in the area.

Just last May, Slater went controversial for his remark saying that it’s “normal” for men to fantasize other women while they are in a relationship.

He has since apologized for his statement, admitting that he made a mistake with the remark that he just blurted out.

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