Still single? Nobita, from hit anime Doraemon, finally marries Shizuka

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Image: CinemaBravo

It seems like yesterday when Nobita was a youngster; now, he’s out having his “happy ever after.”

At least, that’s what we got a glimpse of. In a preview by CinemaBravo, Nobita, from the classic anime Doraemon, is seen tying the knot and smiling underneath wedding bells with his childhood sweetheart Shizuka.

The stills are part of Stand By Me Doraemon 2, the sequel to the 2014 movie that saw the timeless tandem of Nobita and Doraemon going back in time to meet the grandmother who died early while Nobita was still just a kid. Upon learning about her wish to meet Nobita’s bride, the two travel to the future, only to discover that Nobita’s older self got the pre-wedding jitters and fled out of the blue. Now, it’s up to younger Nobita and Doraemon to convince older Nobita to push through, in order to avoid a dodgy alternate reality.

Directed by RyÅ«ichi Yagi and Takashi Yamazaki, Stand By Me Doraemon 2 celebrates the 50th anniversary of Doraemon, the titular blue robo-cat who debuted in a Japanese children’s magazine back in 1969. 

After numerous delays, the film finally premiered in Japan last November. It’s set to premiere in cinemas worldwide, including the Philippines, this coming February.  

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