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Sunshine Dizon Gets Emotional Recalling Split With Timothy Tan

Sunshine Dizon got emotional when she was asked by Boy Abunda about her estranged husband, Timothy Tan. The interview happened when Dizon appeared as a guest in “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” on February 13, 2023.

One of the questions Dizon had to answer was if she still loves her ex. Dizon answers, “Yes, but it’s a different kind of love now. It’s a love out of respect that he gave me two beautiful children, and I wouldn’t have them if not for him.”

Dizon and Tan have two kids: Doreen, 11, and Anton, 10.

Abunda also asked Dizon if she has forgiven her husband. Dizon had to think first before she answering, “Oo at hindi.” She further explains: “Oo, kasi nakikita ko kung gaano siya kahusay na ama sa mga anak niya. Hindi, kasi may mga bagay pa rin na, to be honest, I was not able to process the pain when it happened.”

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Sunshine Dizon still processing the pain

In 2016, Dizon and Tan got separated. A third party was allegedly involved and this even led to a court case. The ex-couple has now made amends for a peaceful co-parenting set-up.

But while going through the ordeal, Dizon continued working as an actress. She even headlined the afternoon series “Ika-6 Na Utos.” Fans were surprised that Dizon accepted the role since the show was about infidelity. Moreover, Dizon was portraying the role of a wife who got cheated on by her husband.

Fast forward to 2023, Dizon admits that it was only recently when she realized that she was hurt about what happened. She tells Abunda, “I’m just learning to process all the pain right now. Ngayon pa lang, Tito Boy, to be honest, after eight years. Because when that happened, I chose to work, I chose to survive. And all of the sudden, the pandemic happened, and I could see him every day, and I suddenly realized that galit pala ako, nasaktan pala ako.”

“Saan ako nagkulang?”

Becoming emotional, Dizon admits that up to this day, there are still questions that run in her head about being a wife.

She reveals, “Up to this day, I still question myself somehow, ‘Saan ako nagkulang?’ Hanggang ngayon wala pa rin [akong sagot] because Tim was my best friend. He was my confidante. He was my partner. And then, I just woke up one day and he’s totally a different person. That really hurts. And to this day, I cannot answer the fact because even when I ask him, he cannot answer.”

Abunda then asks her: “Baka hindi naman sa pagkukulang, saan ka sumobra?

Dizon admits, “Hindi ko rin kayang sagutin, Tito Boy. I think I’m still in the process of answering all those questions now, because I wasn’t like—what I said before—I was not able to deal with it properly. Ngayon pa lang bumabalik lahat, na parang, ‘Ah, dapat pala hindi ako nag-refuse ng therapy noon. Dapat pala, I dealt with it properly at that time that I had to.’”

In December 2022, Dizon opened up on social media that she got diagnosed of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, panic attacks, and abandonment issues.

In the interview, Dizon says that what happened still haunts her at times. “Now, parang [there] are days na even no matter how strong person you are, I still have those nights and days na, you know, it crosses your mind. Because you build this beautiful family and then, boom! One day, your partner is someone you don’t know anymore.”

Sunshine Dizon reveals her husband’s plea

At the time of the ordeal, Dizon was admired by many for being brave in facing the ordeal. But now, looking back, she had some realizations about it.

She says, “Alam mo, Tito Boy, noon siguro masasabi ko, sobrang tapang ko kasi galit ako. But I learned, you know, through time, galit ako noon kaya ako ganun katapang because nasaling ako, e.”

Abunda asks Dizon if she’s still mad at what happened. She responds, “I’m the type of person who probably can forgive, but I will never ever forget.”

The Kapuso actress then narrates the sacrifices she had to go through for her kids. “I really had to fight for my kids. I had to swallow a lot of things, my pride that nobody would never understand. Because our situation back then was very weird. We lived in the same house but different rooms. Because I wanted my children to have [a] semblance of a whole family.”

Dizon then reveals that Tan pleaded to be with their kids to the point of him kneeling in front of her. As a mother, Dizon can only think of what’s best for her kids.

She says, “I’m not in the position to say this. But you know, my life is an open book. Lumuhod yung asawa ko. Mamamatay daw siya na hindi niya kasama yung mga anak niya. So, pinagbigyan ko. I’m a mother, my kids were, like what, four and three years old that time? I swallowed my pride because I wanted my kids to see that no matter what, nagkamali man ang tatay nila, pamilya pa rin kami.

Sunshine Dizon tells herself: “Just remember your worth.”

As part of the show, Abunda asked Dizon to look at the mirror and send a message to herself.

A teary-eyed Dizon tells herself in front of the mirror: “Just remember your worth and take each day as it is and, with God’s grace, you’ll get there. All the burden and the pain you’ve been carrying for so long, [you’ll] just wake up one day and you will be able to breathe freely.”

What is her prayer right now?

She says, “To never give up and always see the good in everyone and continue to be a good mother, and just be a good human being. A very wise person once told me that it doesn’t matter where you came from, what school you came from, or kung saang antas ka galing sa buhay. Ang pinakaimportante raw sa buhay ay pakikipag-kapwa tao, and I hope dala ko yon hanggang sa dulo.”

Image Fast Talk With Boy Abunda / @m_sunshinedizon on Instagram

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