We’ve listed essentials that you need to prepare before attending that fête

Summer is here and music festivals are out and about. As more and more promoters adapt to the new normal, huge events lined up with your favorite artists are along the way! That’s why it’s important to know the hows of surviving music festivals.

That being said, it’s important to be prepared as you party and sing along to your favorite songs!

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Surviving Music Festivals

FreebieMNL gives you some “life hacks” that can serve as a guide in surviving music festivals!

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Budget Your Money Wisely

You just bought a ticket for the wildest and meanest fête that you’ve been longing to see. Now, saving up and budgeting is the next step. Asking yourself what you want to spend on that day helps! “Do I want to buy that festival shirt?” or “Is this enough to keep my tummy sane?” are some of the things that you need to think of when compartmentalizing pocket money.

The Early Bird Catches The Good Spot

Punctuality pays off. Just like at work, arriving early at concerts provides you the opportunity to have front-row access. So that you can have a clear view—and have the opportunity to be noticed—by your favorite artist.

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Just look at that time-sensitive guy singing along to Vie | Photo by Aram Lascano

Eat As Much Food Before Going In

Just like merch, festival food is expensive. Also, there’s a huge chance that you are going to be inside the concert grounds for more than ten hours.

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It’s better to eat before going inside the venue so you’ll have more budget to buy the things you want such as merch, hydration, and snacks. Better eat so that you can have more energy before screaming to your faves.

Check The Line-Up And Their Scheds 

Are you going to be late? Are you that far from the venue? If you’re from Alabang and the venue is in Clark, better check the festival’s social media accounts to make sure that you can still catch that artist.

Prepare For Long Lines

Music festivals like PULP Summer Slam or Wacken Metal Battle have approximately 30,000 attendees yearly. Imagine falling in line to booths, and portalets with about a hundred of them. So, be patient. It also means missing out on some of the bands or artists while in the queue.

Inspection at the entrance of Wanderland 2023 | Photo by Aram Lascano

Also, Follow The Rules

There’s no harm in following the rules. It’s always better to abide by the law while inside the concert venue than be kicked and never see the band you are waiting for to play. This means not bringing any sharp objects, or smuggling alcoholic and drug-related substances while inside the venue.

Hydrate Yourself

Water is life. It’s the most important thing your body needs when attending big concerts. Some concerts like Wanderland even ask you to bring flasks so that you can just go to filling stations to keep hydrated. Nevertheless, don’t let yourself dry out, drink water. 

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Still Wear Masks

Masks are still essential as the world starts to heal from the pandemic. Concerts are crowded places, meaning you can still catch COVID-19.  Following the old saying, it is “better to be safe than sorry.”  Catching the flu and getting sick the day after the concert is never cool.

Masks come in all shapes and sizes too | Photo by Aram Lascano

Wet Wipes is King

Apart from keeping you clean after your “number two”, it keeps your skin cool, too. So, you can battle the scorching heat.

Bring A Bag

Bags are every concert attendee’s best friend. It will be a safe place where you can place all your valuables. It’s also more comfortable to bring one than carry things for hours.

Mosh and Dance Responsibly

It’s important to crowd-check the festival that you are in. Will a metal or hardcore band play? Mosh your way without hurting others. Will it be a rave? Dance like there’s no tomorrow as long as nobody gets harassed. Still, act accordingly.

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The moshpit at Wacken Metal Battle 2022 | Photo by Aram Lascano

Have Fun

There’s no greater glory than seeing your favorite artists play all the songs you know by heart. This is your time to shine. So, forget all the dramas and start living in the moment.

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Hope this guide to surviving music festivals will help you on your next concert!

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