Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy Looks Forward To Reconciling With Sarah Geronimo 

Georcelle: “In time. I am praying for it”

It seems all is not lost between “Popstar Royalty” Sarah Geronimo and Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy’s friendship, after the latter hints at the possibility of their reconciliation—a year after their fallout. 

Sarah and Georcelle were professionally close—given that Georcelle and her dance troupe G-Force had always been the team behind Sarah’s dance production, events, and other performances in the past. 

More so, they had been working collaboratively for Sarah’s iconic music videos such as “Tala”—until a misunderstanding heavily severed their relationship as friends and colleagues. 

Having worked together for 16 years, Georcelle reveals in an interview with ABS-CBN that their parting has changed the trajectory of the dance company. 

As she puts it, “I think this is, ‘di ba, ‘pag may nangyayari sa buhay mo na transition or challenges or a bit of uga, iniisip ko palagi na catalyst siya for change. Catalyst siya that I am forced to change. That transition is being felt now, of course I have prepared my team for that.”

More so, she emphasizes that their severed relationship with Sarah has shaken up their team. She says, “Nauga, and it’s normal. Pag nauga ka, same thing with dance. Dance is a good metaphor for life.”

With all things considered, Georcelle’s words indicate that damages are still reparable and that she’s looking forward to a possible reconciliation. Georcelle says, “In time. I am praying for it. I am praying for a lot of things” 

Georcelle recalls the last time she spoke with Sarah, which happened before the singer’s 20th anniversary concert on May 12, 2024. She says it was a deep conversation before all burned down to flames. Since then, she hasn’t seen Sarah or bumped into her in any gathering. 

What happened between Teacher Georcelle and Sarah Geronimo?  

It has been a year since Teacher Georcelle and Sarah were reported to be in a feud. According to rumors, their misunderstanding started when G-Force and Viva were not able to meet in the middle in terms of talent fee. 

In that case, Sarah went for a different execution of “Tala” since the dance company was asking for a P150,000 fee per choreography. 

Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy
Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy
IMAGE: teachergeorcelle on Instagram

Days after the incident, Georcelle says in her YouTube vlog that the dispute was mainly because of their “artistic differences.” But despite that, the dancer says she would still support Sarah in whatever road she takes. 

As Georcelle puts it, “This process was painful for G-Force. Most of them cried, especially the choreographers who have been training hard to bring out the best in her. It’s like a breakup.

“SG wants something else, I want her to exercise that artistic freedom. But it’s also my right to exercise my artistic freedom,” she adds. 

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