#ThankYouIsayama trends as Attack on Titan comes to a close

#ThankYouIsayama trends as Attack on Titan comes to a close
(Image: Studio MAPPA)

On Friday, the final chapter of the hit manga Shingeki no Kyojin (“Attack on Titan”) was officially published, ending an exceptional run that endured for more than a decade. 

Since January, fans had eagerly waited for the arrival of Chapter 139, which marks the end of the 11-year manga, and Hajime Isayama, the manga’s creator, could not have submitted the manuscript at a better time. According to the manga’s editor, Isayama submitted the final manuscript of the manga on Eren Yeager’s birthday last March 30, a gesture that fans considered as a “poetic” ending to an epic series.

To show their appreciation, fans made the hashtag #ThankYouIsayama trend on Twitter earlier this week, posting snippets of the manga and anecdotes from the series whose fan base spanned the entire globe. The overwhelming amount of tweets under the hashtag also served to drown out all the supposed Chapter 139 leaks that circulated online ahead of the release.


Meanwhile, Studio MAPPA announced last March 28 that Attack on Titan Final Season would be getting a second part set to debut in the winter, or by the end of the year up to early next year. The announcement was accompanied by a short trailer of the show’s latest episode, whose release got delayed due to the recent earthquake in Japan.

Shingeki no Kyojin first saw print in September 2009. When it premiered as an anime in 2013, its cult following rapidly grew, enough to spawn several spin-off titles and a light novel. By the end of 2019, the manga was reported to have sold over 100 million volumes.

The fourth and final season is currently streaming on Netflix

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