Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’: Why I Think The 10-Year Wait For This Show Was Worth It

A lot of people are in love with Netflix’s newest series, including me!

Netflix’s The Sandman dropped last August 5, and fans are calling it a dream come true. The streaming platform outdid itself by making a show that’s true to the source material.

Of course, it couldn’t have happened without Neil Gaiman acting as executive producer. He also had a hand in developing the series. He even co-wrote some episodes. Now that most of the world has seen it, it’s time to see what the hype is all about.

‘The Sandman’ gets a proper adaptation after 26 years

The last volume of The Sandman by Neil Gaiman came out in 1996. There were several attempts to turn it into a movie or a TV series, but it didn’t happen.

The first attempt was in the ’90s. The comics still weren’t done, there were a few volumes left to go. Neil Gaiman went into a meeting with Warner Bros. and asked them not to make the movie. That’s why that planned adaptation never materialized.

A few pitches were made in the 2000s as well, but Neil had his reservations. He said that he would rather not see The Sandman on any screen than see it made into a half-assed movie or series.

Netflix eventually won the right to produce The Sandman, and here we are. It is a highly-acclaimed series that fans have waited for for decades. There are also a handful of converts, i.e. people who haven’t read the comics but are enjoying the series.

The series receives mixed reactions

Some fans didn’t approve of Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death. They say that Howell-Baptiste is not how they envisioned her. Death appears to be a “pasty white goth girl” in the graphic novel. Some are also complaining about the pacing of some episodes.

Despite the uproar about Death’s casting, most who have seen the series are happy with it. They heaped praise on Neil Gaiman and Netflix. Neil Gaiman has had two other comics that were adapted for TV: American Gods and Good Omens.

American Gods got canceled after 3 seasons since it didn’t pick up by the third season. Good Omens’ second season is in post-production already. But no one knows when it will air.

My thoughts on ‘The Sandman’

I’ve already seen it. I’ve been a fan for 15 years already, and I’ve waited forever for a movie or series based on the comics. Thank God Netflix picked it up. I’m a very satisfied fan.

There were a few things they did not pick up from the comics. But they did a great job by giving Neil Gaiman a hand in producing the show. Tom Sturridge did a great job as Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming. The sets were fantastic as well. Desire’s realm, a large beating heart, was the best one so far, seeing as we haven’t had a peek at the others’ realms.

I’d rate it an 8.5/10 since there were a few characters that weren’t given justice. But Netflix might ramp things up in Season 2. Hopefully, we see the rest of the Endless.

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The series has ten episodes that are almost an hour long, and they are now available to watch on Netflix. Check them out so you won’t have FOMO.

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