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Netflix May Not Renew ‘The Sandman’ For Another Season?

Fans are fearful that Morpheus isn’t coming back.

Netflix decides to renew a series depending on its views, among other factors. The Sandman has been on the streaming platform’s top 10 most viewed list for the fifth week in a row. All 10 episodes aired on August 5, 2022, and a bonus episode came two weeks later, on August 19.

But there are rumors that Netflix may not renew the series. Fans have mixed reactions to the show, especially those who have read the comics.

Sandman‘s casting is still an issue

Kirby Baptiste-Howell’s casting as Death has caused a bit of a flutter. The Sandman fan community are divided, with some favoring Kirby. Others are vehemently protesting that she is not the Death they’ve envisioned.

There are a few fan favorites, including Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer. Tom Sturridge is smashing the role as Morpheus, too. There are tons of characters in the series, as there are in the show, and fans are iffy about a few of them.

Money may be an issue for The Sandman‘s renewal

Neil Gaiman has revealed that it’s a costly series. There are several locations, a ton of CGI (for the realms), and many characters.

For Netflix, The Sandman has to perform incredibly well before it gets renewed. The series must continuously stay on the streaming app’s top 10 most viewed list. Most fans are aware of this and continue to give the series watch hours, even if they repeat it.

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With the release of the 11th episode, people thought it was a teaser for season 2. Gaiman reveals that Netflix has yet to commit to a renewal. Netflix has suffered a drop in subscribers and views. This makes it even more difficult to say if certain series are getting renewed.

The Sandman‘s non-renewal may warrant another Netflix loss

If Sandman does not get renewed, fans may leave the streaming app. Yes, it’s that extreme. People have been waiting forever for a silver screen release or a small screen one. Netflix has made that dream come true for a lot of fans.

There is no official news yet, but we hope this fan favorite gets renewed. We all want to see Goldie again, don’t we? The Sandman is still streaming on Netflix as of today.

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