This new Voltes V toy has built in sound effects so you can relieve the anime

If you were a child of the 70’s and 80. Voltes V played a huge role in your childhood. Amazingly enough, the anime that was dubbed locally was not very well known in Japan. I remember playing with a die cast version of Voltes V (together with Daimos and Voltron) in my neighbor’s home.

However, it appears that Voltes V was not really popular in Japan so the fan base was rather niche. So I almost peed in my trousers when I saw a 2020 upgraded Soul of Chogukin version of Voltes V.

voltes v toy

For those unfamiliar, Soul of Chogukin is the more serious toy line of Bandai, with these things costing more than P30,000.00 a piece.

From their translated page:

“Super electromagnetic machine Voltes V” is a TV animation that was broadcast on NET (now TV Asahi) from June 4, 1977 to March 25, 1978. Tadao Nagahama, who continued to be the general director of the previous show “Super electromagnetic robot con butler V”, built a heavy taiga drama centered on the bond between parents and children and the conflict between the half-brothers, and it is also big for older anime fans I got support.

voltes v sounds

There are a total of 6 iterations of this toy, the first in 1977 and the latest in 2018. The 2020 version is nuts! Here’s why:

You can fully transform it! Cruiser, Bomber, Panzer, Frigate and Lander are all super detailed and can snap together just like the transformation sequence. The toy stand plays a choice of 5 musical pieces from the movie and can also hold Camp Big Falcon’s launch bays when Voltes V is in vehicle mode. When transformed, the ultra electromagnetic “V” can be displayed! So yes you can definitely re-live the entire transformation sequence. And get this — each vehicle has its own sound effects, including the “Let’s Volt In” by the Volt Cruiser. Once transformed, Voltes V’s eyes light up.

The sound effects don’t end there — all the weapons have their corresponding sound effects voiced by Kenichi Gou (aka “Steve” lol) such as the Ultra Electromagnetic Top, Voltes Bazooka, and Gatling Missles.

The DX Soul of Chogokin VOLT IN BOX Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V will cost 59,000 yen (roughly 30,000 pesos) and will be on sale starting December 2020. You can order it here.

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