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Valentina Ploy Breaks Down Her Emotional Walls In New Effort

The Italian-Thai pop princess opens up about ‘Berlin’ in this exclusive feature.

Express her new sound. That is what Bangkok-based pop star Valentina Ploy is trying to do. At least, that’s what she told FreebieMNL during our virtual sit-down with her.

Warner Music Asia partnered with Thailand’s premier indie label What the Duck. This paved the way for Valentina Ploy to sign a record deal with a major label. That deal will open more doors for the singer-songwriter.

She says the title of her song came from history. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Valentina used that to express how breaking emotional walls affects relationships.

“I definitely compared it to the wall in Berlin, which I visited a few times. Dividing things. That’s what happens in relationships. They build walls and then they separate. It doesn’t do anyone any good at all.” Valentina adds.

Her experiences have taught her that people tend to hide behind walls. She thinks that may be because they’re insecure, scared, or traumatized by their pasts.

Compared to her previous efforts, the song “Berlin” sounds more bubbly. For her, it is a celebration of the ups and downs of a relationship. Speaking of sound, she describes hers using these words: hopeful, organic, and vulnerable.

“Berlin” was co-written by Richard Cracker. When it comes to Valentina’s songwriting process, she says she has many sides. She also says she wants to explore a bit more when it comes to her sound. She’s looking to give her songs a unique twist.

Achievement-wise, her song “See You In Life” has almost 20 million streams on Spotify. Apart from this achievement, there’s also the deal she signed with Warner Records. Joining a major label requires a leap of faith for someone who started as an indie artist.

The upbeat pop song “Berlin” can is available for streaming on Spotify.

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