Zack Tabudlo Shares His “Side” On Moira Dela Torre, Jason Hernandez Controversy

“That’s not what everyone saw and what everyone knew,” the “Binibini” singer says

TW: Suicide and Mental Health

OPM singer Zack Tabudlo casts his side of truth amid rumors of his involvement in Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez’s separation. 

The “Binibini” singer uploaded a lengthy Facebook statement on Wednesday, May 31, in a bid to share his piece of truth leading to Moira and Jason’s breakup. He also iterates the consequences of such to his mental health.

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“I have been quiet for a year, and never said a thing about anyone nor said a word about all of what’s going on around the internet, around my friends, and about me. But it’s time for me to tell my side of the story,” Zack begins. 

According to him, he virtually met Moira, Jason, and the team for a songwriting project in January 2022. Since the work was done through video calls, it was only in March of the same year that he personally met Moira and the team during one of his tour rehearsals.

Jason, however, was in Abu Dhabi for a separate project.

Zack on Moira-Jason Controversy
IMAGE: @zack.tabudlo on Instagram

Zack clarifies, “Moira was a guest in my tour and did a few shows with me, which explains the rehearsals and photos speculating online.”

He also mentions that the “promos on social media and guestings,” including a mobile radio bus appearance, were only to announce that they have a song together. 

Zack on Moira-Jason Controversy
IMAGE: Moira Dela Torre on Facebook

During this time, Zack attests to a growing friendship she has with Moira, her friends, and her team—mentioning that they would sometimes have a sleepover to “make music together in their house.” 

The singer also revealed that at the time, his mental health was not faring well. He admits that “the pressure of making music, being one of the top artists, and having to show up everyday for fans” have taken a huge toll on his mental well-being. 

Zack on Moira-Jason Controversy
IMAGE: @zack.tabudlo on Instagram

With no one to vent out to, Zack then mentioned finding consolation within Moira’s circle.

He says, “I was only a weird kid making music, showing it off to my whole school when I was younger, and telling everyone it was my biggest dream. But no one gave a shit about me and I was bullied for being this way.”

“But Moira and her group of friends made me believe that I am loved, and I am someone who was worthy of having real people beside me. That circle, especially Moira, became my family. I would break down to them almost every night during that time because I found safety and protection from them,” he adds. 

Zack had the chance to meet Jason during his last night of stay. A week after that, the singer along with the rest of the team had received a phone call from Jason asking them “to give him and Moira space.” 

“When we found out about the split and the reason of it, Moira reached out to the group and invited everyone for dinner. She needed company and support during those heavy times. We were all in shock of what happened,” he explains. 

“We were all then leaning into protecting her and giving all of the love she needed. During the months that passed, we were all just present for her. Our group of friends would go out for dinner, we would all take her out individually as well, we watch movies, and we would do anything to make her happy and give her company,” he adds.

Zack on Moira-Jason Controversy
IMAGE: Moira Dela Torre on Facebook

“It was also months of breaking down, traumas, trust issues, and Moira was just not well,” reveals Zack who attests that his effort to support Moira was taken differently by the public. 

“I was there for a friend who needed my help, and I wanted to give that protection and support that she gave me when I needed it. But that’s not what everyone saw and what everyone knew,” the singer states.

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Zack Tabudlo’s “second chance” in life 

The 21-year-old musician outright admits that he tried to end his life due to “the pressure, the accusations, the music, and mental state” that have beaten his shoulders down to the ground. 

The eventual recovery of the singer prompted him and his closest relatives and friends, including Moira, to get a semicolon tattoo—a common symbol of solidarity with those who struggled with mental health issues. 

Zack on Moira-Jason Controversy
IMAGE: @zack.tabudlo on Instagram

Zack then offers a heartfelt message to Moira, who he always sees as the “strongest mf” he has met.

 “I look up to her so much. She’s selfless, strong, caring, and so loving to the people around her. And I adore her with all my heart. She was one of the people who were there for me during my healing stages in the ward and I will never ever forget how much she’s helped me grow and move past this phase of mind despite all the things she went through, “ he writes in one affirming paragraph. 

“To my family, my closest friends, and the fans, thank you all so much for the never ending love and support. I am in a better mental state now, and I am so excited to give everyone more music that I have ready. I love you guys always and forever,“ he finishes. 

Note: Individuals who are in need of mental health support and assistance can call the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) crisis hotline 0917-899727 or 989-8727.

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