10 Dairy-Free Milk Brands in the Philippines

Regular milk is one of the easiest things you can swap out when you’re transitioning into a plant-based or vegan diet. But even if you aren’t and just want to switch to a dairy-free alternative, it’s widely available these days. Here’s a list of 10 brands you can find locally.

Blue Diamond

Add Almond Breeze to your shopping list the next time you’re buying vegan, dairy-free milk. It’s made with California almonds and comes in many different flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla Almond, Matcha, and Latte.


A signature Costco brand, you can find Kirkland’s plant-based milk in S&R and Landers. Their non-dairy beverages are USDA certified organic and are available in soy, almond, and vanilla almond variants.


Koita prides itself in their plant-based milk that’s soured from the Italian alps. As an alternative to soy and nut-derived kinds of milk, try out their rice milk variant.

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Milklab’s milk is specially made for espressos and was designed by baristas and coffee experts. The brand hails from South Australia and comes in flavors like Almond, Coconut, Macadamia, and Soy milk.


Hygge Beverage is the local distributor of the Swedish plant-based milk Oatly! They’re the same company behind Alt Scoops — a vegan-friendly ice cream made with this alternative milk and local ingredients. Oatly! is available in Original, Chocolate, Organic, and Barista Edition in either 1L or 250mL packs.

Rude Health

There’s nothing artificial or refined about Rude Health’s milk, so you can be sure it’s good for you. Their plant-based milk comes in soy, oat, and almond milk options.  The Barista variant is best for a frothy coffee.


Silk is a well-known vegan-friendly milk brand that’s low in calories and verified non-GMO. It’s available in soy and almond variants and is perfect for those who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

So Good

Whether you’re looking for soy, nut, oat, or barista milk, the Australian brand So Good has got you covered. They’re lactose, cholesterol, and dairy-free, while still retaining that creamy taste that regular milk has to offer.

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Sunkist doesn’t only produce juices and mixed nuts. Try their Original, Unsweetened, or Chocolate Pistachio milk that’s made from the freshest, premium pistachio nuts. It’s even allowed on a keto-diet approved.  

Vitasoy Plus

You’ll find Vitasoy in leading supermarkets, making them one of the most accessible plant-based milk brands locally. Aside from regular soy milk, they also have Milky, Vanilla, and Oat-flavored soy milk.

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Making the switch from cow’s milk to plant-based milk is now easier thanks to the growing list of options. Use it in your cereal, oatmeal, coffee, or smoothies for a delicious and dairy-free substitute.

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