10 Foods That Taste Better Covered in Chocolate

It’s no surprise that chocolate makes a lot of people happy. The decadent food item is perfect for gifts or snacking as is, but they can be made even better. Enjoy more of your favorite ingredient by using it to elevate any of these foods.


Chocolate-dipped strawberries are at the top of the list for good reason. It’s a tried and tested combination that everyone loves, and you can even swap out milk chocolate for white chocolate. For extra crunch, add crushed nuts on top of the chocolate coating. This recipe from Driscoll’s is easy-to-follow.


Throw them in a smoothie, make banana bread, or cover them in chocolate. Either way, you’ll have something delicious to consume. Epicurious turns it into a fun dessert by placing it on a popsicle stick and adding sprinkles.

Chili Peppers

This pairing is not as uncommon as you think. Mexican Hot Chocolate adds a dash of chili powder to their concoction and it definitely adds a kick. Chili peppers dipped in chocolate takes sweet and spicy to the next level.


Transform ordinary crackers into something more appetizing. Spread chocolate on top or dip them — baker’s choice. Take it a step further and recreate these No-bake Chocolate Covered Ritz Cracker Cookies that are kid-friendly and customizable. You can fill it with peanut butter or more chocolate if that’s what you prefer.  


Just like crackers, you can make your pretzels less ordinary by covering them in chocolate. Or if you can’t be bothered to get crafty, you could always buy the pre-packaged ones in the grocery. Just don’t expect them to taste as great.

Potato Chips

While not as conventional as crackers and pretzels, this sweet and salty duo shouldn’t be quickly dismissed. The potatoes just provide a different bite. Tip from the Spruce Eats: rigid chips are better at holding the extra weight.


When this food item that’s high in protein is paired with dark chocolate that’s full of antioxidants, it should be pass off as a healthy snack, right? Of course, anything in moderation is fine. Pick your choice of nuts and drizzle them for an afternoon nibble.


People have been turning their breakfast favorite into dessert and it’s not as bad as it sounds. And if your significant other loves chocolates as much as they love bacon, Bacon Chocolate Roses might be the perfect gift for them.


How do you make chocolate chip cookies even better? Coat or dip them in more chocolate. Take it from Ms. Betty Crocker herself; her rich and buttery cookie recipe goes perfectly with chocolate.

Ice Cream

You can’t go wrong with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate. Any flavored ice cream will do, honestly. Maybe even make yourself a bowl of Banana Sundae as a special treat. Homemade brownie ala mode sounds good, too.

Did any of that make you drool? Try them out yourself and see how they fare.


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