4 Tips to Help You Eat More Vegetables

Adding more greens into your diet, along with regular exercise, is the best way to live a healthier life. However, it might be harder to incorporate fresh produce in your meals when you dislike them or have no idea how to properly cook them. Whichever the reason is, here are tips to help you eat more vegetables.

Start with Vegetables you already like

Figure out which vegetables you already enjoy eating and increase the portion size by at least half. It’s that easy to get more nutrients without worrying about new flavors and textures. Don’t force yourself to eat ampalaya (bitter gourd) if you can’t stand the bitterness because that will put you off prioritizing healthy foods.

4 Tips to Help You Eat More Vegetables
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Make Plant-based Meals

Even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, having meat-free meals is beneficial for your health and the environment. Try making plant-based meals to encourage creativity in the kitchen while simultaneously increasing your vegetable consumption. Replace the meat with tofu, beans, or lentils, so that you still get some protein.

Sneak Vegetables in Your Food

Instead of eliminating some of your favorite foods from your diet, sneak vegetables into it. Elevate your instant noodles by adding leafy vegetables like Bok choy, for example, or make a spinach frittata rather than plain scrambled eggs. You could also throw in greens in your smoothie as an on-the-go breakfast option.

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Find Delicious Recipes

Steaming isn’t the only way to cook vegetables. The trick to enjoying them is finding delicious recipes that make them more enjoyable. You could roast, grill, or sauté the produce or make a quick and filling appetizing salad. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and see how you can make vegetables you dislike palatable. If you still don’t like them afterward, it’s very well that you tried.

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All vegetables are good for you and provide the nutrients your body needs. An average adult should be consuming 2 to 3 cups a day, so make sure you’re incorporating enough greens into your diet.

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