5 Cool Drinks for Caffeine Addicts

As always, the heat this summer gets you a little bit thirstier and sometimes, water just isn’t enough. Get your fill of these cool drinks especially for the caffeine addicts!

Iced Caffe Americano – Bo’s Coffee

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Image from Bo’s Coffee’s Facebook Page

Get yourself just the right boost to get you started in the morning with Bo’s Coffee’s Iced Caffe Americano! This strong yet smooth americano will surely give you a wake up call!

Cold Brew – Lune Specialty Coffee

ColdBrew Luna
Image from Luna Specialty Coffee

Coffee is always great with breakfast food, but what if it’s just too hot outside to have a delicious hot cup? If you find yourself yankering for one of Luna’s special Filipino dishes, pair it with their amazing cold brew. Trust us, it hits the right spot, especially after a long day.

Iced Pistachio Latte- Bo’s Coffee

Image may contain: drink, coffee cup and indoor, possible text that says 'COFFEE'
Image from Bo’s Coffee’s Facebook Page

For those with a sweeter tooth but still want some caffeine in their system, Bo’s Coffee’s Iced Pistachio Latte is the perfect choice for you! With just the right mixture of sweet and bitter, expect a smooth drink to fill your tastebuds!

D.O.M. – Candid Coffee

image 42

Image From Candid Coffee

Candid Coffee only uses fresh coffee beans for their selection of coffees so rest assured you’ll definitely get quality! One of the famous drinks, D.O.M., has a unique name that fulfills its promise of smooth and tasty caffeine rush!

Signature Cold White Brew – Bo’s Coffee

Image may contain: drink
Image from Bo’s Coffee’s Facebook Page

Living up to its name, Bo’s Coffee’s Signature Cold White Brew proves to be \ caffeine addict favorite! The taste is very smooth and balanced. without any lingering bitterness whatsoever. The milk also adds another flavor to it that’s nothing short of delightful.

Looking for more ice cold coffee choices, but want a more convenient experience? Well, Bo’s Coffee is now on Lazada! With a few quick clicks, you can have your favorite drink and meal ready for pickup. Order today!


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