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5 Different Types of Coffee Drinkers

Coffee is considered a necessity by many, to the point that it has been integrated into their everyday routines. Not even the pandemic slowed down the demand for it considering it was one of the products consumers prioritized while being in isolation. Find your preferred coffee drink and see if it matches your personality.

Black Coffee

These people like their coffee plain and simple — no sugar, no milk, just straight up brewed coffee. They also probably own one of those standard coffee machines that only require ground beans and water to get the job done as quickly as possible. Just like their coffee, they are a no-frills kind of person.

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People who like coffee but can’t handle the bitter taste gravitate towards the latte. They can probably last the morning without caffeine but come afternoon they’ll be looking for their fix. Topped with foam and impressive latte art, this drink is fit for creatives looking for inspiration.


A less intimidating way to delve into coffee culture is through a Frappuccino. The caffeine is still there but it’s masked by whipped cream and flavored syrup which will probably give you a sugar rush. It only makes sense that you’re energetic and nonchalant, not caring that others are judging your beverage of choice.

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Iced Coffee

When someone says they love iced coffee, they mean any type of caffeinated drink that’s poured over ice. They’ll always have a stash of cold brew at home and are generally laid back and easygoing. No matter the weather, expect them to see them holding a cup of iced coffee (reusable straw included).

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Instant Coffee

Coffee snobs disdain the instant stuff, but there’s no shame in liking instant coffee. They’re cheap and accessible and don’t require any bulky or expensive equipment. It’s ideal for the busybodies who can’t afford to waste time making the perfect blend when they have the option to just add water.  

How do you like your coffee? Everyone has different tastes, and it usually says something about them.


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