Alt Scoops: A Local Vegan-Friendly Ice Cream

Alt Scoops is the guilt-free dessert anyone can enjoy. What sets it’s apart from other ice creams is it’s 100% vegan-friendly and is made from all-natural flavors and oat milk. Even those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to soy can have a scoop of their dairy-free selection. For starters, they’ve got 4 delectable flavors to try out.

Nutritional Information

Alt Scoops is crafted with Oatly! Milk, combined with fresh and high-quality ingredients like local strawberries and single-origin cacao beans. If you didn’t know, oat milk is a sustainable alternative to cow’s milk, and not only is it dairy-free, but it’s also high in fiber and cholesterol-free. Each 75g serving is only about 100 calories and has a silky, soft, and rich consistency.

Choco Hazelnut (P350 per pint)

Most chocolates aren’t vegan-friendly because they include dairy products, but Alt Scoop uses gianduja instead to get that chocolatey flavor. Think of it as an adult version of your favorite hazelnut spread that was made into a gelato, minus the dairy. It’s nutty and decadent, with just the right hint of sweetness.

Dark Chocolate (P350 per pint)

When they said they use the highest-quality ingredients, they meant it. The Dark Chocolate variant is made from 77% Auro Chocolate, which uses single-origin cacao beans sourced directly from local Davao farmers. Combine that with their Oatly! Milk and you’ve got a smooth and not overly sweet pint of frozen dessert.

Strawberry (P375 per pint)

Satisfy your Baguio strawberries craving with Alt Scoop’s Strawberry pint. Perfectly ripe local strawberries go into nearly half of the pint, so you can’t miss out on the berry flavor. They also make for a good smoothie if you want a cooling beverage.

Burnt Caramel with Roasted Pecans (P375 per pint)

Get a taste of buttery goodness (without the butter, of course) that their Burnt Caramel flavor has to offer. The roasted pecans on top add a nice crunch to the smooth gelato and complement the salted caramel. It’s worth going nuts for!

Alt Scoops is brought to you by Hygge Beverage Co., the local distributor of Bonsoy milk and Oatly! In the Philippines. Their frozen non-dairy dessert might be even better than ice cream, considering it’s uncompromising of quality and flavors, and vegan.

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