FreebieMNL - Appetizing Salads You’ll Want to Eat Every Day

Appetizing Salads You’ll Want to Eat Every Day

Salads are underrated, and they’re great to have even if you aren’t watching your weight. People who don’t like them probably have the misconception that it’s just a bowl of vegetables and dressing. To prove them wrong, here are some recipes that will change the way you look at salads.

Simplified Mango and Tomato Salad

Not all salads need to comprise of lettuce. This mango and tomato salad by Food52 is simple to put together and has a summery vibe. Chop up some white onions, lime, and basil to throw into the mix, and you’ve got a zesty salad. Put a Pinoy spin on the recipe by adding salted eggs to balance out the sweetness from the fruits.

Appetizing Salads You'll Want to Eat Every Day
Photo: Food52/Sagegreen

Chicken and Cheddar Lettuce Wrap

A fun way to up your vegetable intake is by making chicken lettuce wraps. Cooking Light’s recipe is something you can quickly make for lunch and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients. Swap out the chicken for canned tuna if that’s what you have on hand. Either way, it’s still going to be a satiating meal.

Low Carb Chicken and Cheddar Lettuce Wraps
Photo: Cooking Light/Jennifer Causey

Classic Macaroni Salad

The macaroni salads typically served in Filipino households are a lot creamier and sweeter. It borders into dessert territory once you add in the canned fruit cocktail mix. Delish’s version on the other hand calls for vegetables like celery stalk, bell pepper, black olives, carrots, and parsley — all common ingredients you find in a salad.

delish 190530 macaroni salad 314 portrait pf 1559757477
Photo: Delish/Parker Feierbach

Rice Salad Recipe

We Asians love our rice and will gladly have it for every meal. The good news is you can add rice to salads, too. Take Yummy PH’s rice salad recipe, for example. It’s essentially a burrito bowl using ingredients you can find at your local supermarket. To make it even heartier, add more green leafy vegetables and your protein of choice.

rice salad
Photo: Yummy PH/Patrick Martires

Using fresh ingredients and adding texture and layering flavors is the key to making appetizing salads. Customize each bowl to your liking so you don’t feel like you’re being forced on a diet.

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