FreebieMNL - Are You a Chocolate Lover? Here’s Where You Can Get the Best Treats

Are You a Chocolate Lover? Here’s Where You Can Get the Best Treats

Chocolate tastes better when it comes from the heart.

In the Philippines, the land is rich with cacao farms and local chocolatiers who are dedicated to showcasing the best cacao beans that the country has to offer. Before you go buying chocolate in the grocery store, think a little bit about supporting our own homegrown, delectable sweets!

Chumoto Chocolates

A chocolate business that solely uses Filipino-made and processed cacao, Chumoto aims to give our Filipino farmers a “chance to continue their livelihood, legacy, and future” with their scrumptious, Japanese-inspired Nama chocolate. The chocolates are bite-sized, creamy, and ever-so-fresh as Chumoto delivers them the same day they’re made. Bonus points for this business because they try their best to package their products in a way that leaves the least waste.

Chocolate Barks

Try the flavorful crunch of Chocolate Barks products! Their chocolate bombs, smashable chocolates, and chocolate-covered strawberries are all fun and tasty treats that will have you searching for more. They often come out with tasteful gift boxes for special occasions, so don’t forget to stay updated.


Hanan offers special handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolates proudly made in the Philippines. Hanan, which means “Diwata ng Umaga,” aspires to let customers in on the many different flavors of the country. From cacao farms in Benguet, Palawan, Davao, and South Cotabato, this shop was able to create their signature products — the creamy 52% Dark Milk chocolate and fruity 68% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs. Check out their page to sneak a peek!

1919 Chocolate

An award-winning, family-owned chocolate business, 1919 makes one of the best chocolate bars around. The business started off as a way for the family to share the delicious taste of their cacao beans with their other family members and friends. Now, after winning Silver in the 2020 UK’s Academy of Chocolate awards, the brand has now branched out into crafting fusion cacao spreads and tea.

True Chocolate

True Chocolate was started by a certified chocolate taster and chocolatier who had a vision for the future of the dessert. She came out with Truffle in a Bottle, a diverse chocolate product that can be used as a spread, dip, sauce, or even instant hot chocolate!

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