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Tinapayan Festival: This Bakeshop Recreates Its Family Recipes For Customers

Have a taste of home in every bite from Tinapayan Festival!

It’s well known that Filipinos love good food. They express this love through cooking and eating. That love is what keeps the Tinapayan Festival going. This bakeshop puts a personal touch on its wares by recreating the owners’ family recipes.

Filipinos have been in love with their bread and cake for over 40 years. While many bakeshops closed at the height of the pandemic, Tinapayan Festival didn’t. This is because their customers couldn’t stay away.

To this day, their business continues to boom. In fact, to meet the demand for celebratory cakes, they launched the Queen’s Chocolate Cake.

Tinapayan Festival's Queen's Chocolate Cake
Tinapayan Festival’s Queen’s Chocolate Cake | Photo: Tinapayan Festival

This premium chocolate cake is an homage to two strong women. The first is the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, and the second is Maribel “Belen” Chavez. Belen is the wife of Chito Chavez, the Founder and General Manager of Tinapayan Festival.

Nanay Diday with the Founder and GM of this bakeshop, Lucito 'Chito' Chavez
Nanay Diday with Tinapayan Festival Founder and GM Lucito ‘Chito’ Chavez | Photo: Tinapayan Festival

“It was always our dream to share our knowledge and skills,” shares Chito. “That includes our family recipes. Our customers are very dear to us. They have been vital to our growth. So it’s only right that we give them products inspired by our family’s precious memories.”

Nothing beats the recipes of this bakeshop

There’s a story behind every Tinapayan Festival product. For instance, one of their premium products is Adelaida’s Torte. This torte is a tribute to the founder’s late mother, Adelaida “Diday” B. Chavez. It’s made of meringue with butter, caramel, chocolate ganache, and chopped nuts. What’s more, it’s topped off with special rich butter icing made only for the dessert.

L-R: Maribel Chavez, Luis Chavez, Potenciano Chavez, and Nanay Diday
L-R: Maribel Chavez, Luis Chavez, Potenciano Chavez, and Nanay Diday | Photo: Tinapayan Festival

They’re also reviving Nanay Diday’s Special Polvoron. In the 1960s, Nanay Diday used to make polvoron using an hulma she bought in Escolta. Her family used it until the late 80s. It symbolized her thoughtfulness and creativity.

Nanay Diday also loved planting ube and soon incorporated it into her recipes. This inspired Chito to create Tinapayan Festival’s Ube Loaf and Ube Twirl in the early 2000s.

Tinapayan Festival's Ube Loaf
Tinapayan Festival’s Ube Loaf | Photo: Tinapayan Festival

The Ube Loaf is the bakeshop’s twist on soft and moist bread. It has real ube halaya, low protein flour, eggs, milk, and refined sugar. Meanwhile, the Ube Twirl features real ube halaya filling. That means it’s perfect for those who want something easy to eat any time of the day.

Support local

Tinapayan Festival is located at 1650 Dapitan St. corner Don Quijote, Sampaloc, Manila. You can order your goodies in the Foodpanda or Grab apps.

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If you want to order in advance or place bulk orders, reach the team of this bakeshop at +02 8732 2188 and +639617152714. You can also email them, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram for more updates.

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