Ben & Jerry’s Launches Dog-Friendly Frozen Treats Called “Doggie Desserts”

Your dogs can now enjoy their own cup of frozen dessert as you enjoy yours! Ben & Jerry’s released new products called “Doggie Desserts,” which are ice cream-like treats that are safe for dogs to consume.

“You may be wondering, is ice cream safe for dogs to eat? The short answer is: no,” Ben & Jerry’s said.

“Some dogs are lactose intolerant, and some aren’t! But even for dogs that are not lactose intolerant, dairy can still cause digestive issues and should be avoided,” they added.

Since ice cream is generally not safe for pets to eat, these refreshing treats from Ben & Jerry’s could be an alternative for your dogs (especially on hot summer days!)

Ben & Jerry's Launches Dog-Friendly Frozen Treats Called "Doggie Desserts"

Photos: Instagram/benandjerrys

Unlike the usual Ben & Jerry’s treats, “Doggie Desserts” only have “very limited amounts of dairy” since “most dogs can tolerate dairy only in very small amounts.” Instead of milk and cream, these desserts are made with sunflower seed butter.

“Yip yip hooray! Just when you thought we only made flavor fantasies come true for people, we’ve unleashed something truly cool for pooches, too,” Ben & Jerry’s wrote on their website.

“Inspired by our lovable muttley office crew of K9-to-5’ers, these just-for-dogs frozen treats are the most doggie-awesome desserts we ever packed in nifty mini-cups.”

“Doggie Desserts” come in two flavors: Rosie’s Batch, which has pumpkin and mini cookies, and Pontch’s Mix, which has peanut butter and pretzel swirls. Both flavors are now available in mini cups (around USD 1.29) and multipacks (around USD 4.49).

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