Buy Brewed Coffee by the Liter at These Shops

Yes, you can pop in at your local neighborhood café for a cup of coffee. But if you ask for a liter, they’ll probably think you’re crazy. Just in case you need to caffeinate a whole team or plan to pull an all-nighter, we can point you to popular coffee chains that sell coffee by the box.

Dunkin Donut

When you think of popular coffee chains in the Philippines, Dunkin is seldom the first thing to come into mind. The local menu is not as extensive as the ones you’ll find abroad, but they still have a fine selection. Each order of a D’Coffee Box contains a liter-worth of coffee and comes in 4 different variants. The brewed coffee, hot chocolate, and iced coffee cost P270, while the choco java is P330.

Best Paired with: Barkada Bundle Donuts or any Bunwich.

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Photo: Dunkin’ Philippines


Anyone can recognize the green siren logo even from a distance, especially if it comes in a box. Apparently, it isn’t common knowledge that Starbucks offers a Coffee Traveler Kit for customers to take their signature brew on the go. It’s equivalent to 12 short cups of freshly brewed coffee and costs P890. The kit also comes with disposable cups, stirrers and sleeves, and condiments like milk and sugar.

Best Paired with: a Sandwich or any of their baked goods.

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Photo: Starbucks Philippines

Krispy Kreme

Another well-known donut brand on the list is Krispy Kreme. In addition to their regular iced beverages and chillers, they also offer a Brew Box Jr. That’s about 6 cups for their hot black coffee ready for you to take out. You can avail of this when you purchase something from their Perfect Together Deals, which come with pre-assorted doughnuts starting at P740.

Best paired with: Original Glazed Doughnuts.

Photo: Krispy Kreme Philippines

You’ll never have to run on empty with a whole box of coffee by your side. Another great thing is that these stores have locations nationwide, so you won’t have difficulty finding one near you.

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