Coca-Cola To Bring Back Jack Daniel’s And Coke In A Can

Who else can’t wait to try it?

Coca-Cola announced its plans to introduce its new whiskey and cola ready-to-drink mix in the Philippines this month.

The beverage is a collaboration with Jack Daniel’s to launch a new version of the popular drink, now available in a convenient, pre-mixed can. The global beverage manufacturer aims to tap into the growing demand for pre-mixed alcoholic drinks in the country.

Coca Cola

The new Jack Daniel’s and Coke in a can comes with a combination of Coca-Cola Classic and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The combo provides a smooth and delicious taste that’s perfect for any occasion. The canned beverage is also available in a zero-sugar version. The option is for those who want to enjoy the classic taste without the added calories.

The decision to bring back this classic combination is part of Coca-Cola’s ongoing efforts to provide new and exciting products to its customers. The pre-mixed drink can make it easy to enjoy the iconic drink anywhere, anytime – whether at home, at a party, or on the go.

The new Jack Daniel’s and Coke in a can have already proven popular with consumers. With many praising the convenience and taste of the new beverage, it’s the perfect addition to any summer gathering or outdoor event.

Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s have a longstanding partnership. The new canned beverage is one example of their commitment to delivering innovative products to consumers.

Filipinos are known for their preference for convenient and easy-to-drink alcoholic beverages. With that, the new whiskey and cola mix is expected to be well-received by Filipino consumers.

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