Dining in a drawing – a 2D milk tea bar opens in QC

If you’re missing South Korea or just the feeling of spending your free time in a cafe enjoying good food and drinks, a newly opened milk tea bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City brought the Korean vibe to us!

Kurimi Milk Tea Bar has all the feels of the famous Greem Cafe in Seoul. Greem means ‘cartoon’ or ‘painting’ in Korean and the interiors of Kurimi is inspired by it. The Instagram-worthy interiors has a 2D effect that looks like it was drawn in a paper with a pen.


While the milk tea bar is Korean-inspired, drinks served are Japanese and it offers a wide array of choices from the classic milk tea to matcha cheesecake milk tea.


You don’t need to travel all the way to Seoul now to experience dining in a picture-worthy cafe! Kurimi Milk Tea Bar is located at 88 Scout Limbaga Street, Quezon City. You can also minimize your waiting time by ordering in advance or simply have it delivered in your home.

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