Easy and Delicious Ways to Cook with Korea’s Classic Side Dish – Kimchi

Because of Hallyu, Korean cuisine is becoming more and more popular to us Filipinos. It’s not something new to us anymore, because Korean grocery stores and Korean restaurants (especially BBQ!) have proliferated across the country. 

One easy go-to Korean dish (or side dish, in this case) is Kimchi, a salted and fermented vegetable. While Kimchi can be made with almost any vegetable, a popular one is Cabbage Kimchi. You can easily find jars and packets of this in supermarkets. 

Since this is a side dish, you can easily pair this with your meals at home. But if you’re planning to cook with it, there are basic recipes you can start with. 

To start off your Kimchi journey, here are some recipes you can try at home. These recipes need basic ingredients but most of them do need Gochujang as an accompaniment. You can easily buy this at your nearest grocery store as well!

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Kimchi Stew 

If you’re looking for comfort food, then try making Kimchi Stew at home! The recipe basically asks you to cook the Kimchi in water, just with a few additions to it. You can change the ingredients of this if you have preferences – be it pork, beef, tuna, or just veggies, your Kimchi Stew will turn out yummy as long as you follow its basic recipe. 

Kimchi Pancake

Perfect for breakfast or as a snack, the Kimchi Pancake is the savory version of the pancake we’ve all come to know and love. Usually packed with vegetables, the Kimchi Pancake is an easy way to get your fill of veggies as well.

Kimchi Fried Rice 

Since we Filipinos are rice lovers, this is the easiest Kimchi recipe to make since you just need to fry it with rice with a couple other ingredients. It’s also the perfect dish to cook if you’re feeling lazy, so as long as you have pantry essentials (and Kimchi and Gochujang) then you’re good to go. 

Kimchi Pasta 

If you love pasta and wouldn’t mind being daring with the sauce, then the Kimchi Spaghetti is a must-try! The recipe is similar to the Kimchi Fried Rice but instead of rice, the source of carbs is pasta. 

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(Thumbnail photo from Maangchi)


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