Easy Food Swaps to Make Vegan-Friendly Meals

As more people are becoming interested in a vegan diet, plant-based products have also become more accessible. This has made transitioning into a meat-free diet a lot easier. Here are the basic food items you need to swap out to veganize your meals.

Cow’s Milk

Since dairy is an animal by-product, it isn’t allowed on a vegan diet. That’s not to say you can never have milk again. There is a lot of creamy plant-based milk available on the market these days like soy milk, nut milk, and oat milk. It’s also easier to digest if you’re lactose intolerant.

Easy Food Swaps to Make Vegan-Friendly Meals
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For cheese lovers, it might be a tough decision to go vegan. Thanks to culinary innovations, cashew cheese exists so you won’t have to live without it. If you’re just after the flavor, you can add nutritional yeast to dishes that require cheese like pizza and pasta.


Regular butter needs to be swapped out because it’s primarily made from milk fat. Nut butter like those made from sunflower seeds is similar in texture to the butter you used growing up. There’s also vegan butter that’s made from olive oil for that healthy fat content.


Tofu is a popular ingredient for meat substitutes, and it can surprisingly be used to make a scramble, too. When it comes to baking egg-less recipes, flaxseed, chia seeds, mashed bananas, or silken blended tofu can be used as replacements.

Minced Meat

Lentils are a great swap for minced meat because they’re also a protein source. It’s convenient to have on hand and should be a staple in anyone’s pantry, whether they’re vegan or not. For burger patties, mushrooms could be used as a replacement since it gives an earthy, meaty flavor.

Each person has their own reason why they decide to go on a vegan diet. Regardless of what that is, it’s always better to start with small and simple changes.

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