Feel The Paskong Pinoy Spirit In Your Dishes With Eden Cheese

Make hearty homemade dishes more memorable with Eden Cheese

Filipinos are known for their love for food, especially if it’s shared with their loved ones. Although there are several restaurants serving sophisticated dishes, nothing beats home-cooked meals. These are traditions that must be kept alive, and Eden Cheese is here to help turn your dish from simply delicious to magically memorable. 

The brand has been a staple brand in every Filipino family’s pantry. The familiar, memorable taste of Eden Cheese makes every dish heartwarming.

Bringing back the Paskong Pinoy spirit

The creamy goodness of Eden Cheese will surely help bring back the memories of Christmas past, creating special moments with the family this holiday season. Whenever your dish needs some cheese for that extra oomph, Eden Cheese won’t let you down.

If you’re looking for the perfect melting cheese for your pasta dishes, Eden Melt Sarap will help create your oozy, melty, and creamy Cheesy Lasagna or Cheesy Baked Mac. Family reunions are made complete with these on the dining table! 

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If you have kids at home, preparing cheesy spaghetti will win their hearts and tastebuds. To make your spaghetti extra special, just use Eden Original for that distinct creamy taste for your Noche Buena. Since there’s always room for dessert, you can also prepare a Cheesy Fruit Salad or a Cheesy Leche flan to complete the feast.

Since the yuletide season is fast approaching, you can also complete your celebration with the limited edition Eden Queso de Bola. Only available during this festive season, choose to create a charcuterie board with cheese, crackers, salami, and tapas to add a bit of flare to a family recipe. 

Can’t think of what to cook for the holidays? You and your loved ones can have access to all recipes at this website and see what variant would be best for your desired dish.

You can buy Eden Cheese in all leading supermarkets nationwide and online

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