Still undecided what food to have on the table for Father’s Day? Here’s a quick rundown of some of our partner merchants where you can get FreebieMNL coupons.


steak dot ph

Oh boy, look at the juicy steak. If its one thing dads are attracted to, its the grill and a huge slab of steak. Even if he has to cook it himself, he won’t complain!

We’ve embedded their latest post before Father’s Day here so you can check out their offerings[0]=68.ARAmRYarteKYr0xRUEzXhxo3uVptTnRdd_7H8VvahsuzKaeeRZ3WTed8xf2CjpemKxtBCcBMkELZme42ZCci9-t4kn6Rx2MW6bHJvYvpgmHArrkc3zrlZcsd8baDBIMrFv_JpaKadkRJqXvWxa_NgsI3vzNk2zpcRZvD3dJiR2puc8xDpPpWZaBk1K1nj67GIg0fdpgSBRDB-OdMqLytKyfDjvS97sv2Kl5UGPnq6W-MkXT5PUqxrlQykrreYRWoLKNjtNJ0rBy_ExzCp8jNB-MwvVKYMs9hxfqFgKP2yvz9-_9Af6x6-tktUlqochtSOjBWnHXlJEI8q1KhCTS_wemmdvfw_Q&__tn__=-R

Tatang’s Boneless Lechon

image 2

Just look at that photo. This isn’t ordinary lechon. It’s belly cooked with an infusion of spices. Tatang’s is ubiquitous to being one of the best and more affordable lechon from Cebu. Their signature dishes include the spicy lechon and sisig meals.

Fat Boys Pizza


Honest, delicious and not pretentious, FatBoy’s Pizza is scattered around the entire nation. You’ve probably seen one of their branches before while walking along the mall but have never really tried it. Well, now’s your chance!

The Smokeyard

Platter3 Troy Conine

Craving for some delectable barbecue? Don’t have a backyard where you can grill up some fine selections of meats? Unsure of how to make a truly addictive barbecue sauce? Well then, the Smokeyard is for you! Located in the heart of Makati, The Smokeyard is a cozy restaurant that offers classic American BBQ menu. Some of the amazing dishes they serve up include pork ribs, pulled pork, brisket, beef rubs, chicken, and juicy sausages.

The Butchery

No preservatives. No fillers. No chemical ingredients. That’s what a great sausage is all about. Look no further for all your sausage needs. Check out their offerings.

about sausage

Poco Deli

If you’re not up for a big family feast with your husband, maybe Poco Deli can interest you with a date night at home with a bottle wine, cold cuts and cheese? Check out their stay at home platter!

205 BGC

Located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, 205 offers ready to drink cocktails bottled up for delivery as well as pasta trays for your Father’s Day celebration. Check out their bottled negroni![0]=68.ARBsZ3Smz1KmVrv7Fd9jBDjvR7sO_vp1DYMppa-f6rtryY0dV6R5OOMyRizaEEjCdwQGNzcVW1bGcx-3-KnEqZaUIM_RnqJAaDCsw6Py5bu6gfwMZI1JjN6rbcHBQ4NPElpDZh6UVgyHf42FiwfRpW3PTqlQi_fzmVVVSVMVLWzkswWcqQFUNNc91GxIz_SyCmJ8933d80GbH46ELD4QaGXCvoeId-LmdP2cdInhKM7tVl2DQ_oHWRJf5ZdNUO0GDsnFTUoA0uXV7xF0P7f3NEhz1EZWqpNyXtfhHI2NBiS_3sMNc1RHU0fxP1XJjkS_5gOM1KUkku_UTAchrbaBWHLWwZvzIrDB0vwL_pR30ef8TZHsJC4SS8NfbCShBPyykUqP-Z-KGULCmDY4zXI668pZTbp77g-JQ9-YHOxkayVV&__tn__=-R

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