Father’s Day gift ideas for the health conscious dad

They say that for dads, the new mid-life crisis is a healthier lifestyle. More and more men in their 40’s and 50’s are running their first marathon or buying a bike. Who can blame them? “Health is wealth,” the old saying goes. FreebieMNL has rounded up 9 different online stores that cater to a healthier lifestyle.

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Organics.PH T-Bone Steak


Organics.PH is a one-stop shop for healthy meats, snacks and cooking ingredients. Their meats are rather notable as they are sourced from animals that are grown without hormones or antibiotics and are left to graze and feed on an all-natural diet. The meats come from Sta. Maria, Laguna.

Future Fresh

baby kale future fresh
Baby kale is so easy to find now with Future Fresh

If you want a glimpse of the future of urban farming, Future Fresh is where you will find it. The problem with buying produce from supermarkets is that you inevitably won’t know how fresh it is. Future Fresh is not affected by climate changes and seasons for crops as everything is grown on a hydroponics set up. This means that your produce will also travel less from farm to doorstep, eliminating the time it sits on a shelf.

Paleo Manila


Rice is life! Except when you’re trying to lose weight. Running a paleo diet has helped improve lifestyles of many Filipinos. The challenge is finding a constant source of paleo-friendly meals in this country that loves its carbs. Enter Paleo Manila — your source for fat loss meal plans. Do check out their online store for meal plans and trays.

The Healthy Row

c/o The healthy Row Website

Sometimes the road to health isn’t about the “what” but the “how.” The Healthy Row is your path to a healthier lifestyle. Everyone is different, so there’s no one-stop shop to nutrition and health. The programs provide coaching, but also a deeper understanding of the relationships between health, medicine and wellness. The program is facilitated by founder Roanna Medina who tells her amazing life story of how she ended up in this journey, having been diagnosed with a thyroid condition in 2014 and is now healed.


butter croissant dough

Gerald.PH’s online store has an assortment of meats, fruits and assorted groceries. But what you need to know about them is that they have quite an inventory of cheeses (that pairs well of course with the wine that they also sell!) French, Italian, Greek and Dutch cheeses – they have it all!

The store also sells ready to bake gluten-free doughs, already rolled and divided so all you need to do is pop them in the oven. Baking instructions are given on the website per item and you can even freeze the dough for weeks if you aren’t ready to bake.

Nutmilk Bar

nutmilk bar

There’s a study that shows that half of Filipinos have lactose intolerance. This study, back in 2001 has brought about new offerings in alternative dairy products, namely milk from nuts: almond, macadamia, etc.

Nutmilk Bar aims to make milk alternatives easier to attain. As of this writing they sell almond and cashew milk (sweetened and unsweetened variants) and bite-sized cookies.

Fitness Gourmet

low calorie meal
c/o Fitness Gourmet

Fitness Gourmet has been at the forefront of healthy meal plans since 2013. They specialize in very customized meals plans depending on your health needs: low calorie meals, high protein meals, vegetarian meals and even the HCG diet. Customized meal plans are also available as well as corporate meals plans.

The Hearty Grub

the hearty grub meals

Healthy meal prep services aren’t all created equal. Take for instance The Hearty Grub, that specializes in serving all-organic meals delivered conveniently before the day of consumption. Prices are dependent on calorie count so a 1200 calorie plan will set you back P1,800. For breastfeeding moms, a 2300 calorie plan will cost you P3,300 a week which already comes with lactation snacks!

Mr. Gulay


Mr. Gulay sells … well … gulay! But also an assortment of meats and seafood. The online store is a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting Colosal Fresh Produce (basically one of the biggest suppliers in the food industry) to an online platform.

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