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Filipino Snacks We Love That Feature Bananas

The Philippines has 12 varieties of bananas, the most common being the Lakatan, Latundan, and Saba. They’re widely available and usually affordable so it’s no wonder we love including them in our snacks. Here are some of our favorite Filipino snacks that feature this potassium-filled fruit.

Saba Con Yelo

Also known as Saging Con Yelo, this is the perfect banana merienda for hot summer days. It’s basically sweetened bananas that are served with ice and milk. Just cook the saba variant in sugar to create a caramel sauce and add crushed iced and milk once it’s cooled to create a cooling snack.


Other names for Turon are Lumpiang Saging or Fried Banana Rolls. Thin slices of ripe banana and jackfruit are rolled into a lumpia wrapper then fried and covered in brown sugar. It’s sweet and crunchy and best served hot and straight from the pan.

Banana Cue

The name of this popular Filipino snack stems from its resemblance to meat being skewered for BBQ. Instead, you’ll find a deep-fried banana with a coating of caramelized sugar served on a stick. It’s convenient to have when you’re waiting for a bus home or need to be on the go.

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Photo from Sweet Simple Vegan


Maruya is the Filipino version of banana fritters. Ripe but firm bananas are either sliced or mashed and mixed with a batter, ready for frying. The fried banana snack is then rolled in sugar to amplify the taste. If it wasn’t obvious enough, we have a fondness for sweet food.

Photo from Taste Atlas

Banana Chips

Banana chips are a simple but delicious snack. They’re readily available at supermarkets or you can buy them from a local vendor. It’s made of thinly sliced banana that’s deep-fried until crisp and golden, then dipped in simple syrup.

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Photo from Cook with Kushi

Of course, you can always just eat a banana as is. But why stop there when there several ways to elevate them. We might as well take advantage of its abundance in the country and make delicious snacks.

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