Six Great Foods To Pair With Your Jacob’s Creek Wine

Enjoy a wine night with the best-tasting food!

For a great wine tasting experience, the best wine in town alone won’t cut it. You need to have the right food to pair with your wine. Wine pairing can be tough if you don’t know much about it. But don’t fret, because FreebieMNL is here to teach you what you need to know. (Our friends at Jacob’s Creek Wine are also here to help!)

Wine pairing can elevate your dining experience. The food that you pair with your wine must complement its taste and texture. But wine pairing isn’t only about matching. It’s also about maximizing the experience and value of each component.

Filipino cuisine is divine. Most of us are either foodies or drinkers. But whether you’re an alcohol lover or a casual drinker, you won’t regret trying Jacob’s Creek Wine. This brand is number one in Australia, and you can find it at any liquor store near you.

Here are some common and easy-to-find foods that will go very well with a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Wine.


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If you want to start with something light, this is the best option for you. Cheese complements the taste and texture of the red wine. You can even be adventurous when picking different types of cheese to pair with. For a cheese and wine night, you can try Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet for a good balance.


Another light option, mushrooms go well with red wine because of their earthy flavor. You can cook mushrooms the way you like them and serve them with Jacob’s Creek Merlot.

Red Meat

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You might have heard that red wine is always best paired with meat. The bold taste of red wine can bring out the flavor of lamb or roast beef with each bite. Pair your meat with Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon on your next cookout.


If meat is best paired with red wine, seafood is best with white wine. Most fish, shellfish, and oysters go great with white wine. If you’re eating seafood, your food will go well with a nice white wine like the Jacob’s Creek Moscato.


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If you’re planning to have a light brunch, it’s best to serve white wine with salad. Jacob’s Creek Sauvignon Blanc complements the herbs and vegetables in the salad. A bottle of this white wine will make any meal a refreshing one.


Photo from Jacob’s Creek.

White wine will bring out the dynamic flavor of any chicken dish that you’ll serve. If you’re planning on serving chicken, it’s best to have Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay on hand.

If you’re looking for a good wine to pair with the food that you love, you won’t go wrong with Jacob’s Creek Classic range. Aside from its premium quality, it’s also affordable and accessible. This Australian wine brand has won over 8,800 industry awards in 170 years.

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Jacob’s Creek wines are available in all leading supermarkets and e-commerce sites. Bottles start at P499.

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