Get To Know Foodpanda’s “Cute” Brand Ambassador: Pau-Pau

Wipe the weather blues away with the company of Pau-Pau!

The frequent rain pour lately signifies that the wet season will be here anytime soon. As the persisting weather envelopes many into laziness, the urge to skip the arduous process of preparing food and ordering online is as extreme. 

But if there’s anything that might yield from that, at least there’s a “cute” company that can lift the weather blues away. He comes in pink and white colors and is ready to sit on top of one’s favorite drink. He is no other than Foodpanda’s brand ambassador Pau-Pau

Foodpanda's brand ambassador Pau-Pau

The all-too-familiar face of this animal icon can usually be seen in commercials, billboards, and posters. And now, it goes physical as Foodpanda introduces six Pau-Pau collectible figurines.

For only P1,099-worth of groceries online, one will get the chance to score a surprise Pau-Pau figure. 

The arrival of Pau-Pau here in the Philippines elates Foodpanda Philippines Senior Head of Groceries Joseph Wijesekara. As for him, “Having the Pau-Pau collectibles available to the public is a new and unique way to connect better and engage with our consumers.”

“While we bring Pau Pau closer to our consumers, we are, at the same time, offering to them the convenience of enjoying our online grocery service,” he adds.

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Why Pau-Pau is the perfect companion according to Foodpanda 

The online delivery service cites enough reasons why Pau-Pau is the perfect companion while munching good food. For one, Pau-Pau’s “cuddly tummy and playful personality” is a compelling logic to get the six figurines lined up in front of a meal. 

Another reason is Pau-Pau’s “contagious love for food” that according to Foodpanda, the urge to eat is just as irresistible whenever they see him “enjoying a slice of pizza or a refreshing milk tea.

For Joseph Wijesekara, Pau-Pau symbolizes well-balanced priorities in life. “The Pau-Pau collectible items are also a reminder for our consumers to live like a panda, much like foodpanda’s brand philosophy. Here, we aim to add value to the lives of our customers so they can focus their energies on things that truly satisfy them,” he says. 

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