Here’s A List Of Good Food To Fit All Kinds Of Mood This June

Setting the mood right with these good food choices!

June can mean so many things to a lot of people. The majority may view it as a halfway point towards the latter part of 2024, while some get excited in anticipation of their mid-year bonuses.

For students, it may mean lazier days to get enough sleep during their vacation period, and for most people, it indicates that the rainy season is finally here. 

With that FreebieMNL curates a list of good food that gets you back in the mood—regardless if it’s brought by the sweltering heat of summer’s last days or the crisp air of the impending rain. 

Get it good with Goldilocks

Coffee Layered Crunch, good food from Goldilocks

Goldilocks introduces its newest cake called Coffee Layered Crunch—promised to be one’s “new coffee obsession.” The universal flavor of coffee is infused into a delectable five-layer cake made of dense chocolate brownie, whipped cream, classic mocha chiffon, coffee mouse, and chewy cashew praline. 

Retailed at Php699, the Coffee Layered Crunch cake allows every foodie to feel all the right emotions in every layer—giving a complimenting flavor that hits the good spot in every bite. 

Settling soundly with Starbucks

Starbucks puts caramel as the star of the season—blending it with, of course, coffee for that burnt flavor that will surely entice the taste buds. The Burnt Caramel Oat Milk frappuccino and latte gets the fun going with smoky, sweet, and yet subtle flavors that fit chilly mornings and lazy afternoons. 

Not only that; Starbucks has brought back the popular Carrotita Cake—a returning favorite that goes perfectly well with cold-brewed drinks. Moist center, spiced flavor of carrots, airy cream cheese, and smooth cream cheese frosting go perfectly well with each other—making every slice fitting for the season. 

Madeleine High Tea and Bytes—by the seaside 

Good food and ambient space paired with modern elegance—not a lot of food places have all that in one, right? But for Madeleine High Tea and Bytes—situated at the newly opened Lanson Mall of Asia—it checks all the boxes perfectly. 

For those who are looking for quick bites along the famous seaside boulevard, a wide selection of food and refreshers are set to quench thirst and fill the tummy. Interestingly enough, it prioritizes health and wellness by offering delectable salad bowls, fruit bowls, yogurts and blends that serve not only the taste buds but also the entire body. 

Gamified by Greenwich 

Greenwich yet again pairs up with mobile gaming team Blacklist International—signaling the reintroduction of the Blacklist Overload and Bundle and Winner Wings to its existing menu. 

From May 31 to July 31, 2024, foodies are in for a hearty bundle composed of nine-inch Hawaiian Overload pizza and two Lasagna Supreme Chicken combo with drinks for only P599. The dining experience is made more exciting as Greenwich is giving away one free, limited edition Blacklist International photo card for every purchase of the bundle. 


The Winner Wings flavors are also back—with garlic, parmesan, barbecue, and spicy korean flavored-chicken leveling up the food game with one cup of rice for as low as P99. Add a P30 to complete it with a drink of choice. 

Sweet treats from Burger King 

Burger King—popular for its Whopper—teams up with renowned hazelnut spread Nutella to introduce this “season’s sweet escape” treats. The limited edition menu features BK sundae with Nutella, BK Waffles with Nutella, and King Fusion with Nutella, which are dubbed as the trio made for the summer. 

The BK Sundae highlights the richness of Nutella with its smooth vanilla soft serve, while the fluffy center of the BK waffles are enriched more by the nutty texture of Nutella drizzle. As for the King Fusion, it combines nutty, smooth, and velvety in one sweet mix, which is “hard to resist.” 

Siomai Chao Fan from Chowking 

Chowking’s Chao Fan remains as one of the go-to meals of the masses—and this can be attributed to two things. One, affordability, and two, taste. Combine them together and one is guaranteed to get good food that warms the heart in any persisting weather condition.

Screenshot 2024 06 07 191956

The wok-induced flavors are just too good to miss out on, and the siomai that goes together with them is just as exciting. So, for any mood that swings by, Chowking’s Siomai Chao Fan may just do it well. 

The secret to good food

For those who do not know what to make out of either rainy or sunny days, the best way to go about it is to treat oneself to what warms the tummy—food. And make sure that while feasting on flavorful treats, your loved ones are enjoying them just as much. 

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