It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Burger King’s Mocha Joe Frost

The fast-food chain offered customers a hack to create an alternative to the drink.

Burger King, a renowned fast-food chain known for its flame-grilled burgers, has a hidden gem on its menu that deserves recognition: the BK Mocha Joe Frost. This coffee float has delighted customers for years.

However, Burger King confirmed this beloved item is no longer available.

This is based on’s report when it asked for confirmation from Burger King Philippines on Facebook.

Burger King
Photo by Spot PH

The BK Mocha Joe Frost was a delightful concoction crafted to satisfy coffee and dessert cravings. It featured a harmonious blend of rich and velvety coffee and the creamy goodness of vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

The marriage of the chilled coffee and the smooth ice cream created a refreshing and indulgent beverage perfect for those seeking a sweet caffeine fix. The BK Mocha Joe Frost’s unique combination of flavors and textures made it a favorite choice for customers looking to elevate their fast-food experience with a touch of decadence.

Fortunately, Burger King doesn’t leave coffee enthusiasts empty-handed. They have introduced a creative alternative or an upgrade: a BK Mocha Joe Frost hack using their new beverage offering.

By ordering an Iced Mocha from their new line of BK Café beverages, customers can recreate the experience (medium for P65 and large for P85). Since the Iced Mocha doesn’t come with ice cream, an extra P20 is required for the perfect hack.

While the taste may differ from the original BK Mocha Joe Frost, this can be seen as both positive and negative. Still, it will depend on one’s relationship with coffee. The BK Mocha Joe Frost hack boasts a more robust coffee flavor than its predecessor.

Although the original BK Mocha Joe Frost may no longer be on the menu, this creative alternative allows customers to enjoy a delightful coffee experience while indulging in Burger King’s offerings.

Coffee enthusiasts intrigued by this hack can head to their nearest Burger King branch and try it.

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